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Why the Republican Party deserves to die?

First of all, they put themselves over the interests of the nation. They were more interested in clinging to power than in protecting our Constitution.

Secondly, when they had a chance to protect our nation and to rid ourselves of the dictator wannabe, they chose to look at the next election and to ignore the laws of our land.

Thirdly, when the times called for courage, they were almost all, to a person, spineless and silent.

Fourth, when the time came for them to present their platform at their Convention, they had none. They all agreed to do whatever the wannabe dictator wanted.

They have shown their true colors and do not deserve to represent the people of this country as a national Party.

The sooner they are gone, the better.

One of the first mistakes by the media...

...was to overlook the "divisive" language of Donald J Trump.

Whether just an oversight or mere incompetence, I believe the divisive language should have been challenged from the beginning.

Whether it was intentional or just his natural inclination, he attempted to divide the country between "his" people and the "enemy", from the start.

He should have been deeply criticized and called out for that language when it happened. It should never have been permitted to fester and to grow as it did.

It should have been made clear to him and all of America that the president does not represent just the portion that supports him, he is the president of all the people. It can be no other way.

In hindsight, that was a major blunder of the media, for not calling it out.

Jesus, the Missing Years

Was the Electoral College vote a good thing or bad thing in this recent election?

If there had been no Electoral College, could Trump have succeeded in arguing that the popular vote was rigged?

Since he also lost the Electoral College vote, did that make it more difficult to steal?

Almost everyone here has come out against the Electoral College, but this time, it may have helped the Democrats?

Has it changed anyone's mind?

How bad do you expect the economy to be once Trump has departed the White House?

We already see the shadows of a depression headed our way. The long food lines, the number of people losing their jobs, the lack of a necessary social safety net, and the total disregard by Republicans once they are no longer in power.

Americans may want to rejoice once the despot is gone, but his words and his actions will linger for as long as the cult can live.

As sure as the sun comes up tomorrow, Republicans will attempt to blame it all on Joe Biden and the Democrats. They will remind the American people of the "record number of jobs" and the "great economy" and the "stock market" that Donald Trump left the American people. They will leave out all the stark details of the suffering left behind.

America is not in a good place this Christmas. It is not only the pandemic that swamps our minds, it is the future of the economy and the questions about where we are going to live and what we are going to eat?

We must try to put this traumatic experience behind us and work together to rebuild our nation so that our people can live in peace and security. It will not be an easy journey, but we cannot permit ourselves to be dragged into the despair that Trump and the Republicans have created.

I just went on a short errand and listened to Rush's sub on talk radio.

The consensus seemed to be that "if" Trump does not pull this out, then it is "us" (them) that will have to continue, not the present Republican Party. They will need to re-build and start at the local County Party meetings.

Their Party is divided deeply at this time. Any Republican that does not stand up for Trump will be primaried and the Party will be re-built.

That was the tone of the discussion.

Do Democrats have a plan if Trump succeeds in getting the Senate to de-authorize the Electoral vote?

Is it so impossible that they should not even think about it?

Should they have a team of lawyers ready to go to the Supreme Court if the Senate loses their way and goes along with the autocrat?

Is this nothing to be concerned about?

The Republicans will do what the Constitution requires them to do?

Is Georgia going to give Mitch McConnell a chunk of coal for Christmas present?

Albeit, on Old Christmas, January 6th?

Mitch has been a naughty boy. He has been power-hungry. He has been unpatriotic and unthoughtful about his fellow Americans. He has only thought of himself.

When he looks in his Christmas stocking, is he likely to find a piece of coal and a notice that he has been demoted to Minority Leader in the US Senate?

How does the rest of the civilized world look at America this Christmas Eve?

Do they see a beacon of democracy?

Or do they see a corrupt regime, with corruption or incompetence from every corner of the government?

Do they see a balance of powers between the different branches?

Or do they see a regime with very little justice, no oversight of the criminal class, and power-hungry politicians that do nothing for the country or its people?

Do they look at America differently than ever before?

Do they respect America?

Does Mitch McConnell and Republicans care what they think?

Coincidentally, when Barr leaves, the pardons began in earnest.

Was that an agreement between Trump and Barr?

Why could he not finish the last month of his tenure?

To quote Ben Sasse, "It is rotten to the core".
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