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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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President Gollum is sick from his desire for power.

It's mine!!

And It Stoned Me

Alternative Realities

The Democrats live in a world where the winner of the election becomes the President. The winner is determined by who gets the most votes, as determined by the Electoral College.

The Democrats live in a world where the institutions are trusted to perform the will of the people.

Trump and present Republicans do seem to live in an alternative world. The votes do not matter. The Electoral College does not matter. The will of the people does not matter. The institutions trusted with over-seeing our elections do not matter.

Yes, it is an "alternative reality". It is a reality where proven facts are ignored and imagined facts are assumed. One is real and one is not.

Why the Leaders of the Democrats and Republicans should conference?

This debacle with Trump is not headed in a good direction. The Leaders of the Parties should confer about what is the best thing to do for the country at this time? It is in both of their interests.

They must re-learn how to communicate with each other. There is too much at stake to draw lines in the sand. This is no time for threats and name-calling. Our Constitution is under threat, whether or not they can agree on that?

They must make an effort to do whatever is possible to prevent this constitutional crisis that is looming in a few short weeks.

"It's no use to try an talk with the Republicans", many Democrats will say.

"It's no use to try and talk with Democrats", Republicans will argue.

But, the time is right.

They should get together and discuss the political realities as they see them.

It is the least they can do.

After all, they all are supposed to work for the people.

It's truly rich when Donald Trump accuses someone else of "cheating".

When he has cheated on his employees, his business partners, his taxes, his wives, and everyone he has ever come into contact with.

He has cheated on the truth every day of his life.

So, when he accuses someone else of "cheating", he exposes himself as one of the biggest hypocrites on the face of the earth.

It's truly rich.

Don't Pass Me By

Careless Love

If it wasn't "voting machines", it would be something else.

Trump and Guiliani are not looking for "fraud". They are looking to sow doubt. Just like they have done since the day they came into power after the election of 2016.

They are grasping at straws because they are about to lose their grasp on power.

The fraudulent voting machines is only their latest conspiracy theory.

They are like vampires that refuse to die. They are sucking the blood out of America, and our elected officials, primarily Republican sheep following Mitch McConnell, refuse to stab the wooden stakes into their traitorous hearts.

Enough already!

What type of people would follow a weasly, delusional, incompetent leader like Mitch McConnell? The entire Republican Party has failed to speak up to his failed leadership.

The people do not give a big rat's ass whether or not Mitch McConnell remains the Majority Leader. God knows he doesn't deserve it.

For the want of a nail, the war was lost.

I guess the Supreme Court is not good enough for them?

They are intent on over-riding this election, if the comments from Peter Navarro are any indication. And I think they are. They want to continue to sow doubt in one form or another. Now, it is the voting machines. (Perhaps the ones without a paper trail?)

I monitored talk radio a bit this morning and they are singing from the same songbook. They were saying that 30% of Democrats believed the election was a fraud, according to two or three of their favorite pollsters.

Trump is not conceding and neither are his supporters. The coup is still in full swing. The facts be damned!

They are going to keep shoveling that horseshit until they find that pony. They know it is in there somewhere.

The Needle and the Damage Done

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