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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 101,985

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This land is your land; This land is my land.

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In the face of a propaganda assault upon America, the press and the media have failed.

"Fair and balanced" really had no place when the assault began. They had a duty to tell the truth to the American people and to throw cold water on the attack upon the truth. They failed to take it serious enough. They failed to see the danger in it. There really was no "two sides to the story". By giving air time to the tweets and the lies, they were complicit with the propagandists.

We have finally arrived at our destination. There is talk of "martial law" and "rigged elections". The new President is not legitimate. They cheated. And so forth...

The media never gave the Republicans the responsibility and the blame they deserved. It was always, "the other side says" type of reporting. There is no other side when all they have is "alternative facts" and lies.

Our free press has failed us.

If We Make It Thru December

An introspective look at 100,000 posts:

It was tough times in 2001, after the election was stolen by the Supreme Court.

We were aware of DU from their banner they were holding up at Dubya's Inauguration. They were looking for people to write, so I wrote a few articles under my real name, until I changed to "kentuck" in about March or April of 2001. It was a good place to rant.

Unlike today, General Discussion might take 2 or 3 days for the posts to rotate off the page. Now, they can all rotate in a matter of minutes on a busy day.

We never imagined there would ever be a worse president than George W Bush. We were put into "free speech zones" when we protested. The invasion and the torture were more than the conscience could bear. Or so we thought.

We have seen a lot of great people come and go. There are too many names to mention. Many have passed on in the last 20 years.

As we fast forward to today, we see an illegitimate president sitting in the White House, moping and whining because he lost the last election, and is threatening "martial law" and whatever extraneous means he can imagine to destroy our democracy, as the criminal Senate stands by and does nothing. We see a president ignore people dying from a terrible pandemic and the economy collapsing around us and all he can think of is how can he stay in power?

I really don't know how much longer the "old blood" can hang on here at DU?

"No one is above the law."

That's a bunch of baloney, isn't it?

There are people that are above the law. That means there is no law. Justice does not exist.

It's a sinking feeling but I fear it is true.

We used to respect the power of the FBI. They would find and prosecute the worst offenders in society. No more.

There is no justice.

How should Trump be held accountable?

Should we rely totally on the NY AG and the SDNY?

Or should the new Attorney General appoint a Special Counsel to find out if he is indeed the traitor he appears to be?

Should the FBI continue their investigations? Should they go much deeper into his finances than Mueller went?

Should he be prosecuted to the full extent of the law?

Would it hurt the Democratic Party if he is not investigated?

Last Date


Trump continues his assault upon America's institutions.

This time it is the Supreme Court. He wants his people to believe that he has more credibility than does the Supreme Court of the United States.

He tweeted this:

"I am very disappointed in the United States Supreme Court, and so is our great country!"

He is forever the victim, spending all his waking minutes spouting his grievances against all that might disagree with him.

You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

Walk a mile in Mike Pence's shoes...

Whether realistic or not, he believes he is the successor to Donald Trump. That is why he is in Georgia, campaigning for the two Republican stooges running for the Senate, trying to lead his Party, as Donald Trump sulks in the corner.

He seems to have an ally in Mitch McConnell. They understand that Donald Trump is history and they have to pick up the pieces and go forward.

Mike Pence has no inclination, as future presidential candidate, in pardoning Donald J Trump. If he wants to pardon himself, then let him go at it.

Mike Pence will continue to talk about the "great leadership" exhibited by Donald Trump in the last four years, in hopes the voters will see him as a big part of the Trump team. He cannot afford to lose the base.

But, realistically speaking, Donald Trump is of little use to Mike Pence, now that he has lost the election. He is just another loser.

What is the mental state of the resident in the White House this morning?

Should people be concerned?

Should the Congress be concerned?

The latest news was that he was throwing tantrums and people were talking him down. He is totally off his rocker and talking about "not leaving the White House".

He is a revengeful person. He will look for some way to make people suffer. He has no empathy.

His next move is anybody's guess?

The Senate knew and were warned months and years ago that this time would come and they chose to ignore it. They should be held criminally liable for anything that happens.
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