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Why Trump is threatening a "Special Counsel" for Hunter Biden?

First of all, when did the children of the President merit a "special counsel"? Can you imagine a "special counsel" for Amy Carter or one of the Obama girls? It seems so petty on its face.

So why is Trump putting out such crap?

In my opinion, he is laying the framework to negotiate a better deal for himself after he is out of office. He would like for Joe Biden to pardon him. That way, he would not have to ask Mike Pence for a favor. (it would look like he was groveling)

His whole purpose is to make things easier for himself, once he is out of office.

Anyway, it seems the legality would be questioned? For a president to get his AG to appoint a "Special Counsel", expressly for revenge or as leverage against investigations against himself, would be a moot point?

A Golden Oldie from Donald Trump

The Democratic Party is not perfect.

While Will Rogers once noted that he belonged to no organized political Party, that he was a Democrat, he understood that life is about choices and that the Democratic Party was superior to any other political Party in the United States.

While there are those that call themselves "Christians" and who preach about the evils of abortion and homosexuality, they do not see the full promise of our Constitution.

Many Democrats can disagree with many issues that their Party supports but they realize that the promise of equal rights and equal justice cannot be separated by a political Party label. They believe that women have equality with men. They believe that gay people have every right that any other American might enjoy. They do not believe in racism or the rights of kings.

They believe in creating a stronger middle class, with better lives for all Americans. Whether or not working people realize it, it is the Democratic Party that represents their interests, as they always have in our lifetimes.

Democrats do not see the major issues in our country as black or white. There are shades of gray that must be addressed if we are to advance as a nation. Unlike the other Party, we strive to not be reactionary in our politics. We may not always be successful, but at least, we try.

The Camel and the Arab

Leo Kottke

I cannot understand why Republicans do not leave their Party?

Many have, such as the few "Never Trumpers" that run the Lincoln Project.

But far too many have stuck with the demented psycho in the White House.

It doesn't mean that they would have to become Democrats - they could register as "Independents" in protest. But they stick around like sadists, just waiting for the punishment.

They garner little respect for staying in a Party so void of anything honorable.

Bill Barr saw the writing on the wall.

He recognized that Donald Trump had lost the election.

And with it, he lost the opportunity to remain in power. Bill Barr wanted no part of that.

He had done many a dirty deed for Herr Trump but he was not going to jump off the cliff for him.

He had covered up the Mueller Report and saw to it that his best friends, like Roger Stone, were not imprisoned. But, this was a bridge too far.

He decided to slither out of the door, with hopes that he could escape scrutiny in history's verdict.

Was it an "attempted coup" ??

How will history look at this?

Some are saying, "Yes, but it was a 'soft coup'". However, there is little doubt but that Herr Trump would have used the military if he could have.

It does appear that the plan was in place from day One of the Trump reign. Not only did he put General Flynn in charge of the National Security apparatus, he also attempted to install military Generals into every position possible, Homeland Security, Defense, or wherever possible. He wanted a close relationship with the military, it did appear. (As of today, we do note that Vladimir Putin was the last world leader to congratulate Joe Biden on winning the Presidency)

Many people still question whether or not the election of 2016 was legitimate? We know that Russia inteferred in our election, but we do not know the exact degree?

It is important that we understand the reality of this moment.

Their first step was to initiate a long-term propaganda campaign against the institutions of our democracy. The press and the media were the first target. The American people were told that they were "fake". They could not be believed. They were the "enemy of the people".

The Trump regime sought immediately to tear down the "administrative state". Either by dismissal or just attrition, they sought to wreck institutions like our State Department and our Justice Department. They wanted Homeland Security Department to be a personal military unit for the Presidency.

Through their masterful propaganda plan, with the worldwide pandemic, with the economy on the edge of collapse, with the nation woefully divided, they saw an opportunity that they could not pass up. They went all-in, in a political campaign to try and win the election "legitimately". But it did not work to plan. The American people, many with mail-in ballots, voted as they had never voted before. And we see now that they needed every vote.

Was it an attempted coup? Consider this.

Elected officials, mostly state and local, were requested to assist in the attempted overthrow of the newly-elected Biden Presidency. Some of their lives were threatened. They went to the state legislatures, looking for some sort of relief? Finally they went to the Courts. At last report, there were approximately 60 cases before the courts. It was a deadly blow when the Supreme Court unanimously shot them down.

Trump mounted an aggressive propaganda campaign of his own, and adopted by the leaders within the National Republican Party. Almost to a member, they were all complicit.

Trump accused the Democrats and state officials, including Republican Governors and Republican Secretarys of State, of cheating on a massive scale. But, they could never show the evidence required by a court of law.

They challenged Biden's victory immediately. The regime was able to unite his base and most of the Republican Party behind him, as he mounted an attempt to overthrow the duly elected government. (He even tweeted "OVERTHROW" in one of his tweets)

Elected Republican leaders, such as Mitch McConnell, said we should wait until December when the Electoral College would vote. Well, they have voted. Ironically, Joe Biden won by the same number of votes that Herr Trump had called a "landslide" back in 2016, although Trump never won the popular vote.

There are some elected Representatives, and perhaps a Senator or two, ready to disrupt the final declaration of the election results, in Congress on January 6th. They are expected to attempt their final stab at our democracy. They are not expected to succeed.

So, was it an "attempted coup"?

In my opinion, it was an attempted coup and it was not just a "farcical" attempt as some have suggested. It was a very serious attempt at overthrowing our democracy and a legitimate election. We know who was complicit and who was not. That is not a matter for debate.

It does look like they have all become "sore losers".

We're talking about a quadrillion to the tenth power.

They just can't let it go.

The end of two-Party politics?

Will we have elections in the future between Democrats and Republicans?

Or will it be pro-democratic forces against the radical, violent, divisive, anti-democratic Party now given birth in the USA?

Will Democrats and Republicans be required to unite in order to save our democracy?

Those are a few thoughts in my head today.
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