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American Pie

Did you notice the Republicans minimizing the attack upon our Capitol were reading their comments?

My question is: Who gave them the comments to read? They were acting as if they were under orders to downplay the January 6th insurrection?

Does that mean that is the Republican Party's official position?

It was really a disgraceful act.

Rep. Cicilline has announced that he may make a motion that they be censured for their damaging lies.

They did seem to be deliberate.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken

How close did the "attempted coup" come to succeeding?

Perhaps much closer than any of us think?

They succeeded in stopping the Electoral Count at its prescribed time and schedule. Circumstances permitted the House and Senate to re-convene later that night and to continue the vote they had begun earlier in the day.

What circumstances permitted them to re-convene?

The Electoral Count was stopped as House members and Senators scrambled to get out of harms way, as the angry mob made its way thru the Capitol. Leaders of both Parties were calling Donald Trump for assistance and asking him to speak and to call off the mob. He refused.

The fear and the horror continued for several hours. People hid in their offices, in closets and under desks, as the rampage continued. Many Capitol Hill policemen were injured, some of them quite severely as they fought off the mob. (There is little doubt but that their heroic efforts gave the Senators and House members time to escape to safer grounds) Some people died.

Still, Trump reveled in the actions of his supporters as they raised the Trump flag and lowered the American flag. He refused to give them the help they needed.

Someone called the Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, for help. He agreed to send the Maryland State Police and the Maryland National Guard to assist in the defense of the Capitol. Eventually Trump agreed to speak to the mob and in kind re-assuring words, he told them to go home. The people now could see what happens when an election is a "fraud". (To this day, he still has not denounced this insurrection and attempted coup)

If the Governor of Maryland had not sent the police and the National Guard, would there have been a re-convening of the Congress? Would the Electoral Count have continued? Would Trump have sent the military in to quell the situation? We do not know.

But, it does seem that the "coup" was much closer than we might have thought.

Remember these names. Send them home.


That is the only way to fix this problem.


Senators who objected

Ted Cruz (TX)
Josh Hawley (MO)
Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS)
Cynthia Lummis (WY)
John Kennedy (LA)
Roger Marshall (KS)
Rick Scott (FL)
Tommy Tuberville (AL)

House members who objected

Robert Aderholt (AL)
Rick Allen (GA)
Jodey Arrington (TX)
Brian Babin (TX)
Jim Baird (IN)
Jim Banks (IN)
Cliff Bentz (OR)
Jack Bergman (MI)
Stephanie Bice (OK)
Andy Biggs (AZ)
Dan Bishop (NC)
Lauren Boebert (CO)
Mike Bost (IL)
Mo Brooks (AL)
Ted Budd (NC)
Tim Burchett (TN)
Michael Burgess (TX)
Ken Calvert (CA)
Kat Cammack (FL)
Jerry Carl (AL)
Buddy Carter (GA)
John Carter (TX)
Madison Cawthorn (NC)
Steve Chabot (OH)
Ben Cline (VA)
Michael Cloud (TX)
Andrew Clyde (GA)
Tom Cole (OK)
Rick Crawford (AR)
Warren Davidson (OH)
Scott DesJarlais (TN)
Mario Diaz-Balart (FL)
Byron Donalds (FL)
Jeff Duncan (SC)
Neal Dunn (FL)
Ron Estes (KS)
Pat Fallon (TX)
Michelle Fischbach (MN)
Scott Fitzgerald (WI)
Chuck Fleischmann (TN)
Virginia Foxx (NC)
Scott Franklin (FL)
Russ Fulcher (ID)
Matt Gaetz (FL)
Mike Garcia (CA)
Bob Gibbs (OH)
Carlos Gimenez (FL)
Louie Gohmert (TX)
Bob Good (VA)
Lance Gooden (TX)
Paul Gosar (AZ)
Garret Graves (LA)
Sam Graves (MO)
Mark Green (TN)
Marjorie Greene (GA)
Morgan Griffith (VA)
Michael Guest (MS)
Jim Hagedorn (MN)
Andy Harris (MD)
Diana Harshbarger (TN)
Vicky Hartzler (MO)
Kevin Hern (OK)
Yvette Herrell (NM)
Jody Hice (GA)
Clay Higgins (LA)
Richard Hudson (NC)
Darrell Issa (CA)
Ronny Jackson (TX)
Chris Jacobs (NY)
Mike Johnson (LA)
Bill Johnson (OH)
Jim Jordan (OH)
John Joyce (PA)
Fred Keller (PA)
Trent Kelly (MS)
Mike Kelly (PA)
David Kustoff (TN)
Doug LaMalfa (CA)
Doug Lamborn (CO)
Jacob LaTurner (KS)
Debbie Lesko (AZ)
Billy Long (MO)
Barry Loudermilk (GA)
Frank Lucas (OK)
Blaine Luetkemeyer (MO)
Nicole Malliotakis (NY)
Tracey Mann (KS)
Brian Mast (FL)
Kevin McCarthy (CA)
Lisa McClain (MI)
Daniel Meuser (PA)
Mary Miller (IL)
Carol Miller (WV)
Alex Mooney (WV)
Barry Moore (AL)
Markwayne Mullin (OK)
Gregory Murphy (NC)
Troy Nehls (TX)
Ralph Norman (SC)
Devin Nunes (CA)
Jay Obernolte (CA)
Burgess Owens (UT)
Steven Palazzo (MS)
Gary Palmer (AL)
Greg Pence (IN)
Scott Perry (PA)
August Pfluger (TX)
Bill Posey (FL)
Guy Reschenthaler (PA)
Tom Rice (SC)
Mike Rogers (AL)
Hal Rogers (KY)
John Rose (TN)
Matt Rosendale (MT)
David Rouzer (NC)
John Rutherford (FL)
Steve Scalise (LA)
David Schweikert (AZ)
Pete Sessions (TX)
Jason Smith (MO)
Adrian Smith (NE)
Lloyd Smucker (PA)
Elise Stefanik (NY)
Greg Steube (FL)
Chris Stewart (UT)
Glenn Thompson (PA)
Tom Tiffany (WI)
William Timmons (SC)
Jefferson Van Drew (NJ)
Beth Van Duyne (TX)
Tim Walberg (MI)
Jackie Walorski (IN)
Randy Weber (TX)
Daniel Webster (FL)
Roger Williams (TX)
Joe Wilson (SC)
Rob Wittman (VA)
Ron Wright (TX)
Lee Zeldin (NY)

The Stupid is Very Strong with this Cult.

They do not seem to have the ability to compute facts and evidence. We wonder why they cannot see what is directly in front of them?

Some believe surely they will see the light before the next election. They cannot continue to believe these lies forever?

But unfortunately, this Cult does not believe anything they do not hear from the mouth of their Leader, even if they see it with their own eyes.

Those that stand for nothing will fall for anything.

How do you get a Cult like this to see the truth?

Not "Stop The Steal".

"Stop The Lying".

You can continue to lie about who won the election but you cannot continue to lie about the attack upon our Capitol. People cannot verify the election results with their own eyes, they must rely on state and local election officials, but they can verify with their own eyes what happened on January 6th at our Capitol.

So, Stop the Lying!

It's not about the "Big Lie"...

There are lies that are intentional and deliberate. They are told to further a personal interest or to make someone think that something is when something is not.

The "Big Lie" was meant to deceive a large number of people to further a cause. "The election was stolen" is the Big Lie.

But, we cannot prove that, other than to quote official and reliable sources. They have proven principled and reliable because they have called elections for both sides in the past. They only count the ballots and declare a winner. That has been their job. If it was anything else, they would be illegitimate.

The "Big LIe", that the election was stolen, led to the attack upon our Capitol on January 6th of this year. As far as we can tell, it was intended to stop the Electoral Vote counts from each state. They attempted and succeeded in stopping the proceeding, as they barged and forced their way into the Capitol. (At least, until later that night) People were threatened. Some people died. That is a reality that cannot be argued as if it were some "Big Lie". There are not two sides to this story. America saw it with their own eyes.

This is the story that we need to have explained, not the "Big Lie". What is their version? Other than that "there was no insurrection". Or that they could have been mistaken for a group of tourists marching peacefully thru the Capitol. That is a lie. People did not see that. It is highly irresponsible, perhaps criminal, to lie to such detriment to the people.

In effect, there are two "Big Lies" in play at this time. The first Big Lie was that the election was stolen. The second "Big Lie" was that the attack upon our Capitol did not happen as it has been portrayed. It was not violent. They did nothing wrong. They did not threaten people. They did not do great damage to the Capitol. They were not provoked or incited by anyone. That is Big Lie #2.

But, the act cannot be forgotten. Every true American was harmed by the act. The foundation of justice has been challenged.

Is it impossible for the Justice Dept of one political Party to prosecute the President ...?

...or an ex-President of the opposing political Party?

They tried to impeach him twice with all the evidence needed to prove guilt and were unsuccessful.

Is it asking too much from this Justice Dept to charge Donald Trump with any crimes?

Perhaps it is?

If he is to be charged with any crimes, it must be done from a state level, not at the national level, in my opinion,

Charges must come from New York, Washington DC, or Georgia, or some other state, if justice is to be served.

And justice will not be served until Donald Trump is held to account. Not only for his obstruction of justice discovered in the Mueller probe, but also, for his part in inciting an insurrection to attempt to steal an election.

These are very serious crimes.

Will justice be served?

No Headstone On My Grave

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