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If you know anything about catbirds swooping down on people and dogs, please stop here

I am almost a prisoner in my house because I have these two catbirds outside which swoop down on me when I go out the front door. Once the bird actually clipped my shoulder. I have taken to acting like a crazy lady about this situation because it has gone on for three days now and I am clueless how to handle it. I am scared to death of these birds. I went out this morning, and one of them chronically hovered around me trying to dive onto my body (or something!).

I do know they have a nest two bushes over from my front door. The baby birds have hatched, and these two birds take care of them. I am sure they are swooping down on me to discourage me from approaching the nest, but believe me, I make it a point to steer away from that bush. Additionally, the next bush over some robins have a nest. The catbirds are constantly going after the robins tending their young. There are a lot of scuffles and screeching all over the place. I also saw one of the catbirds go after a squirrel walking down my driveway, it was small and I thought the catbird was going to get the better of it. Thankfully, the squirrel managed to get away.

But the bottom line here is I feel ready to break down over this situation. I of course need to go out and water my flowers and lawn, wash my car and take my dog Cheyenne out several times a day.

If you have any experience with catbirds and know how I can deflect them from swooping down on me (and/or my dog) when I exit my house, please, please, please volunteer that information now.

Thank you in advance for any advice you might have to offer.

Cheyenne thanks you as well.


PS I can't move the bird's nest. That is the only suggestion I have received from my neighbors, but I just can't do it. I want to leave that nest alone.

Ding, ding, ding -- Sarah Palin's comment regarding Reverend Wright struck a devilish memory bell

Listening to Ms. Palin's viewpoint that President Obama's former pastor is fair political game reminded me of another controversial minister whose services surfaced nationally during the 2008 Presidential campaign. The introduction at the beginning of the video at the following link includes a comment that Sarah Palin's pastor makes Wright look like Father Flanagan of Boy's Town, but that is somewhat of an understatement....


I liked Chuck Brown but my friend Larry was his number one fan

Maybe about five years ago, Larry had to leave to go to California because his father had died. The next day, I heard Chuck Brown would be appearing at Border's to sign his latest CD. I knew instantly that Larry would have been the first in line had sad circumstances not taken him away for a few days.

We worked together, and at our place of work were mandatory staff meetings. I had brought with me that day a CD I had bought used when I first heard Eva Cassidy sing. I instantly became a big fan, but at that time, her CD's were difficult to come by. I found one at the University of Maryland's CD exchange. It was the CD she had made with Chuck Brown. I am sure he made the CD to give her recognition on the music scene a big bump. She was very shy about performing in public.

Listen for a moment and fall in love with a song:

So I skipped the staff meeting, and along with my Chuck Brown/Eva Cassidy CD, went to Border's. I picked up two of Chuck Brown's new CD's. As I stepped in front of his table, I said, "I am wondering if you would do me a favor since I am purchasing two of your new CD's. I have the CD you made with Eva Cassidy, and I am wondering if you would autograph that. I can't tell you how much I loved her music."

Chuck Brown looked at me and said, "It almost killed me when she died. I was looking forward to making another album with her." He looked so sad. I then told him that a great friend of mine who worked in the same place as I was his biggest fan. He would have been first in line had he not had to go to California for his father's funeral. So I am wondering if you would sign this CD for him, one for me, and my CD you made with Eva Cassidy.

He graciously signed all three.

When my friend returned to work about a week later, he came to my desk with the sadness of recent days clearly still reflected on his face. "Larry, I have something for you. Chuck Brown appeared at Border's while you were gone, and I purchased his new CD and asked him to autograph it for you."

I handed the CD to Larry who read the words Chuck Brown had inscribed. "To Larry, may peace be with you at this time." Larry cried. And then I cried to see his tears.

I will never forget the big heart of Chuck Brown, as well as his music. RIP, Mr. Brown.


Tonight's SMASH ending draws a striking parallel to today's political Presidential contest

In a classic struggle of Good versus Evil, Good triumphed despite the depths of adversity thrown against it at a pivotal moment in the SMASH season finale. The story of two performers competing for the lead role in a musical based upon the late Marilyn Monroe, the understudy Karen Cartwright rose from the depths of despair because both her amazing talent and her grounded core championed the challenge. Against all odds, she delivered a dazzling triumph against the scheming Ivy.

With my admitted political core being solidly planted in the Democratic field, when the NBC hit program ended this evening, I caught The Ed Show re-broadcast. I could not help but think our political contest is the same story in a different arena. One player has a grounded core and his opponent has a do whatever it takes to win mantra (DWIT).*

Our political season has a six-month show remaining before the curtain falls. How will it end?

My gut tells me there is still a lot of good in this Country and its voting citizens. I believe when the pivotal moment arrives, our composite core will triumph over the chameleon and his base. I have to believe this because the opposite is unthinkable. When the season ends for this political contest, the Republicans will have a "bombshell" to explain to their financial investors....


*DWIT is the rumored Republican motto for Election 2012. "Win at all costs" was the Republican motto during Election 2000. Sounds synonymous to me.
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