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Samantha's Journal
Samantha's Journal
September 30, 2012

Nate Silver has Florida at a 69.4 chance of an Obama Win

Other strategic swing states:

Virginia 76.5 percent chance of Obama win
Ohio 83.9 percent chance of Obama win
Pennsylvania 97.1 percent chance of Obama win

The icing on the cake, at least for me:

Michigan 96.8 percent chance of Obama win
Wisconsin 89.7 percent chance of Obama win (thank you, Paul Ryan; hopefully your local constituents will be rejecting you as well to represent them in Congress)

319.3 Electoral College Votes Projected for Obama
218.7 Electoral College Votes Projected for Romney


And my prediction: looks like it is only going to be further downhill from here for Romney/Ryan. Could not have happened to two better deserving politicians....


September 19, 2012

Romney is staggering, soon to hit the canvas -- start the ten-count

Romney has lived a life of privilege and is accustomed to being in control. He has always found ways to appear to take the high road while sending his henchmen out to do the dirty work. In that way when accusations were made, he could always point in another direction.

Think about the primary contest. One almost never saw a public sleazy maneuver by Romney, a foul intended to disable an opponent. He usually smiled into the camera when those running against him publicly angrily called him out for some disingenuous ad or underhanded attack he had launched against them. Romney always declined to accept the responsibility and would point the finger at this PAC or that PAC and say Federal law prevented him from communicating with them, so obviously he could not have “ordered the hit.” We most frequently saw this play against the candidate who had advanced to be the front-running challenger du jour. One by one, Romney eliminated them, using his surrogates to knock each out of contention.

He expected to achieve the same results in the contest against Barrack Obama. What he did not factor into the equation was that he was competing against The Greatest. Ducking and dodging past one issue into another, Romney has met repeated failure to throw a knock out punch in this contest.

The bully from Bain is leading with his glass jaw against a Political Champ. He has repeatedly been put on the ropes and now is simply swinging blindly into the air.

From the sidelines, Muhammad Ali is smiling, wondering when this chump will be eliminated by a lightning fast jab, one he never sees coming.

Mitt Romney -- always a contender but never truly a Champ.


September 12, 2012

Recipe for theft of an election

Here is just my impromptu recipe for preparing a theft of the 2012 Presidential election. You might know a better one. If so, please post it here.

Florida is now at a 19.5 percent chance of being the tipping point state (67.0 percent chance of an Obama win now but open to voter suppression and other election "irregularities" of a mysterious nature at the last moment....). Ohio is now at a 32.0 chance of being the tipping point state (77.1 percent chance of an Obama win but also vulnerable in the same way as Florida for election tampering).

Right now, President Obama has a 90.4 Electoral College vote lead. Siphon off a sum greater than half, 45.2, and the election "tips" to Romney.

My fear: illegal manipulation of these two states:

Ohio has 18 Electoral College votes
Florida has 29 Electoral College votes

tips 47 Electoral College votes.

Looks to me like a 270.8 versus 267.2 results, advantage to Romney. But, but, but they always said it would be a close election, right? But double check my math -- it is too late to be doing this without my calculator.

Also in the works for the Republicans: current campaign adds trying to appeal to businessmen in Wisconsin implying a vote for the Republican candidate could translate into more business for those enterprises. Wisconsin has 10 Electoral College votes.

I also assume there is something undercover going on in one of the other swing states in case a tip is needed there at the last minute -- say Pennsylvania at 20 Electoral College votes but currently at a 93.5 chance of an Obama win. What is in place there? A Republican secretary of state. Anyone know anything about her? Here is something of interest:


I do not know what the final recipe will be, but I do know anything is possible when the opposing party has a do-whatever-it-takes motto (DWIT) which is just another way of saying "win at all cost." We do remember where we first heard that refrain, don't we?

The most important point to me is that we all keep our eyes wide open all night election night and to be prepared to challenge any improprieties before a winner is declared. We have to do more more than whatever it takes to ensure a clean election.

September 10, 2012

Another thing Ryan conveniently forgot to mention is that the Bush* taxcuts are #2 driver

of the deficit. So if one adds to those tax cuts, it is beyond comprehension how doing so improves the deficit. It would deepen it. Even the PEW Foundation has said the Bush* tax cuts are the number one driver (although other economic analysis such as the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities list it as #2):


1. The 2001/2003 tax cuts;6
2. The overseas operations in Iraq and
3. Medicare Part D;7
4. The Troubled Asset Relief Program
5. The 2009 stimulus;8 and
6. The December 2010 tax legislation.9


Yes, the mortgage interest tax deduction (recommended by Bowles-Simpson, also called Simpson-Bowles plan) is something Romney is considering doing. That is why he won't reveal details of his "plan" before the election, not because he wants to have an open negotiating session with members of the people's representatives, but because no one would vote for him if he did so. That is in addition to privatizing Social Security, voucherizing Medicare and slashing Medicaid, privatizing the Post Office, instituting a national Right to Work law, repealing Roe v. Wade, and the list goes on and on ....


September 10, 2012

That was a trap rigged by the Republican party

Every new President that comes to the Oval Office should expect some political enemy is going to set him up for an embarrassment. And that was DOMA for Clinton. I think he figured it out shortly thereafter, but it was too late.


PS The execution of the mentally retarded person was one thing Clinton did that was totally unforgivable. I worked for the law firm charged with handling the appeal of the convicted man. You might remember that line in the press that when his appeal was lost and he was facing execution, his lawyer had the responsibility for telling him what exactly was going to happen to him. When he explained his last meal and the fact he would get a dessert, he said he would save that for afterwards. Yes, the man raped and killed a nun in a cemetery, a truly horrendous crime, but he should never have been released back into the public domain when he was because he was just that dysfunctional. Once the execution date was set (in Arkansas), Clinton was running for President, and he decided to attend the execution to demonstrate that as a Democrat he was not weak on punishing criminals. I do understand it was a political decision, but It was a terribly immoral act the Government should never have condoned -- the execution of a retarded person for a crime he could not even understand.

The lawyer that handled the the appeal and lost I think was forever changed afterwards. And a black cloud hung over our Firm for some time, everyone was just so sad over this tragedy.

September 10, 2012

Clinton is one of those fine wines that continue to improve with age

I was a Republican for about 20 years. I actually read the party's platform when I was deciding with which party I would align. The Republican platform was very simple and comported to my ideals. Three things were important: the Government should exist to protect our borders, collect taxes, and provide for the national defense. None of this interfering with people's everyday lives.

I left the party in disgust when Ken Starr announced he would publish the evidence of the Clinton investigation on the Internet for the world to see. BEYOND APPALLING. This would include photographs of his private parts. This was done to humiliate Clinton in front of the world. I couldn't help but think, but his wife will see this, and one day his daughter will see it. It was the last straw for me I could no longer be linked with a party that conducted itself like this. I didn't want my name associated with them.

Of course, leading up to that disgust was seeing Henry Hyde personally walking up to hand over the articles of impeachment, knowing (because it had just been revealed by Salon) that he had had a mistress for over 20 years. (I have yet to figure out how anyone could be married to Henry Hyde, much less agree to be his mistress.) That was coupled with seeing Republican after Republican being excluded from becoming the new Speaker of the House after his party FORCED Gingrich out because each new candidate had too much dirty personal laundry.

And so I joined the Dems, and once I did, I realized that was the party where I had always belonged and just didn't know it until the 90s. I was pretty chagrined over Clinton's antics, but the Republicans' subsequent behavior totally overshadowed anything Clinton had done with Monica Lewinsky in the Oval Office. And he was a good president. Since his departure from office, his continued good works with his foundation have made him an incredible asset to both our party and the Country as a whole. It is no wonder he is sometimes referred to as the President of the World. Everybody loves him (well most normal people)....


September 6, 2012


Through a lengthy speech this evening, former President Clinton ran an Olympic political marathon. Starting out lighting the way from his own administration with his Bubba torch, he paced himself well against political opponents, sprinting past checkpoints of his own marks.

Photographs of the run captured dirty tricks, offensive moves and illegal maneuvers engineered by his opponents. Zooming past them in a glorious run, he hit the zone of what we today know as Obama land. From that moment on, the Clinton torch burned brightly with Obama fuel which carried a triumphal message home into the arena: politics doesn't have to be a blood sport.

Officials confirmed he did in fact complete the race in under three hours....

Former President Bill Clinton's words when finished after running this glorious race were simply these. If you watched this contest, now is the time to pick a side. Are you with the contenders of hope or contestants of greed and hate?

Give the man a gold political medal.


September 4, 2012

Nate Silver has Florida light blue today with a 59.2% Obama win prediction for November 6! UPDATED

Check out the site here, then point to Florida on the map:


Michigan: 93.0 percent chance of Obama win November 6

Virginia: 69.8 percent chance of Obama win November 6

Colorado: 69.0 percent chance of Obama win November 6

Ohio: 71.5 percent chance Obama

PA: 91.2 percent chance Obama

Electoral College prediction: 308.2 (Obama) 229.8 Romney

Massachusetts: 99.2 percent chance of Obama win (yes, I know this is not a swing state, but Romney was such a swell governor there)

Wisconsin: 77.3 percent chance of Obama win (Message from Wisconsin voters to rest of nation: to know Ryan is to not vote for him)

Geez, if this election becomes any closer, I just won't be able to take it!


September 4, 2012

Here is how I answered this question this afternoon in another post

I am definitely better off today since four years ago Bush* was still occupying the Oval Office

and today he is not. The rest of the world held this Country is deep disrespect. And the Wall Street high rollers tanked the economy in the "anything goes" days of no regulation condoned by Bush*. Thousands of jobs were being lost each month, and none of our public officials had the foggiest idea of how to stabilize our crumbling economic world.

Today, a different man sits in the Oval Office, one who has carefully crafted a reconstruction that involves tangible stabilization planks as opposed to bubbles destined to pop in the near future. I do not worry that this man will implement a "preemptive war" on another nation that will send many of our citizens to fight in the name of greed. My rights as a female are being protected, and I look forward to The Affordable Care Act giving me lower prices for the health care I need. I look towards Michigan and I see a booming automobile industry, one that was indeed failing under the previous administration and was propped up just long enough for its politicians to blame Obama for its failure, but which industry our current President assisted into recovery and prosperity.

Absolutely yes! I am better off today than I was four years ago. I am no longer ashamed of my President and I look forward to his re-election in November. At that time, hopefully, the Republican obstructionists which hindered his attempts to inject shots of stimulus into this suffering nation's economy, will be packing their bags and cleaning out their offices for newly-elected Democratic replacements. I do have an overabundance of hope that a full recovery will be opening up soon to the American people who have waited so long for the scabs and scars of the Bush* administration to heal.


Shortly after I posted this, I turned on Martin Bashir and he was saying pretty much the same thing.


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