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I need some advice from people who are cat savvy (UPDATED WITH PICTURES)

I know quite a bit about dogs, had at least one most of my life, bred dogs for awhile, but I have never owned a cat. I am ignorant about cats.

A strange thing happened about a week ago. A cat started staying on my front porch stoop. I opened the door, and there she was. She immediately started whining at me. I was very startled -- I couldn't imagine why a cat would choose to come to my place.

This cat is small but beautiful. I asked someone that day what does that cat want from me (yes, I am that stupid). The answer was food. Also added in was do not feed the cat or she will never leave.

I am not barbaric. I can't know that an animal is hungry and not feed it. I went out and got some canned cat food, hoping it was okay. I brought it home and put the bowl down on the stoop. She came right up and ate it right away, even though I was standing nearby. I had been told by then that this was an "outdoor" cat, not an "indoor" cat.

Then I was advised not to give the cat wet cat food - feed her the dry cat food. I bought a big bag of that. I also have been giving her clean water everyday. I asked at the pet store what kind of treats do cats eat, and I was told I could give her the treats I was buying for my dog - sweet potato fries. I was not too sure of that, so I have not done it. Any thoughts on that? Any recommendations?

So everyday the cat is there and everyday I feed her. I have a dog that is almost blind. She has lived here for almost twelve years, and she means everything to me. Outside, the cat puts her nose up to the screen door, and inside my dog puts her nose up to it as well. She must sense the animal is there, but I know she cannot see it. It seems like they could tolerate each other.

It is really cold outside tonight. My neighbors have told me the cat will be okay, but I am not too sure about that. And guess what, even though she is not yet 1 year old, she is probably pregnant. I noticed she was looking bigger after a few days, and I asked someone from PAWS to give me some advice. That was her observation. She believes the cat is pregnant.

I need to ask anyone reading this post is that cat okay outside for tonight. It seems to be pretty cold to me, I think it is about 38, but I can't quit worrying about her. I also need to figure out what to do to get ready for the "big event." I can't understand how a cat can have kittens outside and newborn kittens will not be adversely impacted by the elements. I have found a website which shows different shelters that can be improvised, but they require materials and tools and a little know-how.

So tomorrow I am going to start making some changes, but please let me know what you suggest. This is really upsetting me. I want to protect the cat but I am at a loss to figure out what to do. I have put a blanket out there which she is lying on, but that seems pretty lame.

I think the problem is I am getting conflicting advice. Additionally, I have been told that an outside cat cannot become an inside cat. Is that true? This cat, although not there yet, allows me now to pet her. She walks between my legs and brushes herself on my pants. The night before last when she knew I was coming inside, she put her paw on my shoe as if to get me to stay. I think she is starting to feel trusting of me and eventually could be very comfortable if I keep working at it, slowly but consistently. Is that true or false? Could she be trained to live inside and use a litter box?


PS I am really starting to love this cat and want to do the right thing by her, but I need some expert advice for that.

UPDATE: If you have been participating in this thread, please see post 111 for pictures. If anyone can take a look at her right ear and let me know if that a "tipped" mark, that would be great.


He had many goals set that the American people did not know about. The biggest impressive thing he planned (to me) before his life was suddenly taken was to disempower the CIA and other elements of the intelligence community. He was outraged over the Cuban Missile Crisis and the role it had played. He also was quietly trying to improve our relationship with Russia.

President Kennedy was privately determined not to see the Vietnam War become our war and he planned during his second term to fully withdraw. I believe that is another prong in his ambitious policies that played a role in his assassination. He was perceived to be "weak" by the war mongers; but I saw him as a true hero, a champion of positive moves to dramatically reform our society, and along with it, our government.

Many of the programs Johnson introduced as legislation after President Kennedy's death, such as Medicare and The Voting Rights Act of 1965 sprang from JFK's unfinished agenda for the Nation. The promotion of Medicare was a prominent plank in President Kennedy's 1960 campaign, and his support for that never waivered. And as far as pushing the right to vote for African-Americans as a civil rights issue:


"In June 11, 1963, during a national television address about civil rights, John F. Kennedy stated: “We preach freedom around the world…, but are we to say to the world, and much more importantly, to each other, that this is a land of the free except for Negroes?” (Foner 921) Kennedy was killed few months after this presentation without enacting his civil rights bill, in which, among other points, he proposes the right to vote to blacks. One hundred years before Kennedy’s speech about civil rights, Abraham Lincoln expressed in his last public address his support to black suffrage. Like Kennedy, Lincoln was assassinated few days later." (emphasis added)

I believe his determination to right many wrongs existing in this country played an important role in his early death. I also believe he knew the actions he was quietly taking in fact did put his life at risk. But he decided to put Country first and proceeded to formulate a plan to enact his initiatives. That is a description of a man who loved his Country more than his own life and was prepared to risk it in order to eradicate threats on our Republic.

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