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From Inside the Beltway: Don't listen to what I say - watch what I do

Against my better judgment, I am going to make a few comments about the TPP and recent events. I have zero desire to get into any bitter battles over the literal truth of what is what. After all, we are in a political arena and the quest of discerning the truth about anything is often extremely difficult if not impossible.

President Obama is not stupid, so I do not believe he ever thought he could get Fast Track. Continuing down this thought train, why would he make seemingly positive remarks if it were not something he truly supported? Think about it. He is a Constitutional attorney, and he has to know the repercussions from implementing a piece of garbage such as this TPP Trade Agreement. Thus, we are back at the beginning, so why would he seemingly be pushing it? Perhaps because HE HAD TO - HE HAD NO POLITICAL AND/OR EXECUTIVE CHOICE.

So if either were the case, why would that be?

Scenario #1: The talks on this TPP started under George W. Bush*. There is a protocol long in place that when one is elected to the Presidency, important issues and events already in progress must be appropriately addressed. It is important that when a transfer of power happens at the Executive Level, that transfer does not create an instability in our institution. So imagine if this is the perspective from which we view this and a newly-elected President when learning of this monstrosity bluntly states he does not like the agreement and will be quashing it. One can easily predict all of the potential adverse repercussions from a move like that, so I will leave that statement as is.

Although the President of the United States, Barack Obama is also the infinite politician. His solution would be to play ball until he had to resolve the matter, and a great solution would be to allow the agreement to "die" a natural death. That is what Harry Reid is helping President Obama do.

This particular agreement may pull a "Lazarus" maneuver as time goes on, considering the level of support given to it by powerful corporations and some very wealthy players. But for now, the play is blocked! Hurray for the home team.

Scenario #2: Bill Clinton did an astounding amount of work to help Barack Obama get elected originally, and then to win re-election. I just assumed it was a down-payment toward President Obama reciprocating when Hillary ran in 2016. But considering the overall effort Bill Clinton exhibited (almost an overkill, really), I think there might have been another reason Clinton worked his posterior off for this man who had knocked his (Bill's) wife into a hairline-miss for the Oval Office: the Clinton Global Initiative. What a boon to that foundation should the TPP be implemented!

So after all that Bill Clinton did for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, how could the newly-minted President be perceived as not supporting the TPP?

I cannot say I have seen him do too much to promote this Frankenstein of a trade agreement. He has, however, put on a wonderful show.

Don't listen to what I say, watch what I do because it is all in the political game - perhaps that is the rule of thumb now worth politically pondering.



Just reported on MSNBC - Iranian sanctions are now starting to be lifted

Those sanctions have caused tremendous economic damage to that country, and Iran's cooperation to date with official negotiators attempting to resolve the situation peacefully has resulted in this great news. It is a thumb in the eye to those right-wingers who have been stoking the fires for involving us in yet another war, and it appears there is hope further progress can be made.

I do give much credit to President Obama for this result. He publicly spoke out to those who advocated for war to stand up and speak out. Come out of the closet, put your hand up and your name out there in the public domain. They demurred.

He diligently worked for a peaceful resolution, and for that I am grateful.

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