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Of course Hillary helped write it

She takes a very active part in the Clinton Global Initiative. And yes, I do believe that President Obama thinks he owes more to the Clintons than he does Labor.

I also believe President Obama has as a personal goal following the trail of former President Bill Clinton into playing a larger role on the world stage (after he leaves office). Standing by Labor at the expense of Bill and Hillary Clinton gets him exactly nowhere in the aftermath of his two terms.

Don't misconstrue these words as meaning I hold the President in disfavor. I voted for him twice, I believe he has done a remarkable job on handling the economic recovery in the Bush* aftermath, and he has done some very positive things such as ACA. However, he did say in his campaign days, he didn't want to be President of the blue states or the red states, he wanted to be President of the United States. In my opinion, that is exactly what he has done -- lived up to what he said he wanted to do. One cannot say he was not honest about his intentions.

I believe he will be regarded as one of the greatest Presidents we have had sit in the Oval Office.

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