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Even if Sanders does lose the primary (GAWD help us)

he wins. There are many things he will leave behind to bookmark his candidacy. Not the least of these is that remarkable speech he gave at Liberty University. The words in that speech will forever endure as a model We the People should practice to give us impetus to stand with those of opposing religious viewpoints on issues that are important for the common good.

Put for instance our personal religious convictions aside to join in the We the People church for reformation of how this Country treats its poor, its homeless, its sick, its hungry, its education for the younger people coming up behind us, our moral standards as a Country, our ethical obligations to preserve our objections to torture, our dedication to repairing climate damage to the extent we can and to simultaneously cut the harm we continue to do for the benefit of not only humans but animals, plant life, oceans and the air we breathe as well.

Embrace our immigrants. As Sanders said (loosely paraphrasing) if your parents were not Native Americans, you too were born of immigrants.

Support our same-sex community since our Declaration of Independence specifically declared the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as guarantees Americans would naturally have bestowed upon them. We cannot surrender these rights, and no one can take them away. These rights are "inalienable" for all of us.

Stand up and speak out when we see people being discriminated against for the color of their skin. Just as the passengers took down that plane on 9/11 in Pennsylvania when terrorists sought to commandeer it to crash into the Capitol, fight the civil terrorism that exists in this Country against people of color who too have inalienable rights.

Help the poor, feed the hungry and feel happy that you have the capacity to help one less fortunate.

We have moral obligations that We the People should concentrate on meeting as opposed to allowing ourselves to be chronically distracted by provocative crude remarks made by political players seeking to keep us from doing that which must be done to take back our Country from their wealthy sponsors.

Sanders is already a winner, but of course we cannot stop now in doing all that we can do to make sure he makes it all the way home to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. From there, he will make all of us winners indeed -- winners in the ways that truly matter.

Only when we can reestablish our pride in our Country and how it treats We the People can we regain not only our own self-respect but the respect of the rest of the world as well.


2016 Dem contenders: Bernie is the Bomb, Biden is the spitball warrior, Hillary is opaque

I really like Joe Biden but I think rather than his heart speaking, others are quietly trying to nudge him into the race whether he is emotionally ready or not. They might be the same people who spread the Gore rumors because they assumed someone like Biden or Gore could steal Bernie's thunder. I truly believe the institutional Dems are pawing the political earth to find ANYONE acceptable to THEM to derail Sanders because he is an anathema to the Third Way crowd. His policies are definitely not their policies nor are they the positions promoted by their financial "sponsors."

A short aside note: Things do not really go better with Koch....

Additionally, some corporate financial type came out and said either Jeb Bush or Hillary would be acceptable to them. Really? Speaking only for myself and as the liberal I am, that was a nail in Hillary's political coffin. I do not dislike Hillary, and at times over the years I have even admired her, but her positions on issues are not my positions, and to me above all else this is the year to vote on issues, not personalities or gender.

Bernie is the Bomb in this "revolution." Biden would be the spitball candidate. Hillary is opaque. Webb is a pollitical ghost, and Lincoln Chafee is the amorphous one.

So you will not hear me "bashing" either Hillary or Biden on this site. I will instead continue to support Sanders. I use to wish some time ago when I would see Olbermann interviewing him that Bernie would run for President. I thought he would never consider it because of his age. It does appear as is often said "age is just a frame of mind" for Bernie and he has got what it takes to make a big difference in the middle class and the impoverished lives of many Americans. I think he is our last chance to turn things around.

Additionally, Biden said recently he is no populist, and he thinks Sanders is doing a hell of a job gathering support. I do think the noises we have been hearing about Biden's running come not from Biden's surety of purpose at this difficult time but from the bellies of Dems who think Bernie is just too far to the left.

It would be extremely important for Bernie should he win the Democratic primary to single out someone who is like-minded who would continue down the same political road on which Bernie is traveling should something happen to Senator Sanders. If Elizabeth Warren is not interested, I hope Martin O'Malley is chosen to be Bernie's second. Former Senator Russ Feingold would also be not only a stellar second, but the choice alone would be a thumb in the eye of Scott Walker. Could not happen to a better deserving Republican....

Just my two cents, and I am throwing them into Bernie's campaign pot.


Where is the line drawn how far one's right to religious freedom reaches?

It reaches to the point where it threatens another person's civil liberties, and from there no farther.

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