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Let's put names and faces to the phrase "top 400 richest people"

This Forbes article is from October 2016, but for purposes of this discussion, that will work.


Check out these people listed who it appears will be receiving a tax break at the expense of poor and disabled citizens losing their Medicaid coverage if the Trump administration is successful in "repealing and replacing The Affordable Care Act." You will have no problem recognizing many if not most of these names and faces Forbes presents in its article.

What prompted me to take a look was wondering simply if Donald Trump was listed. What do you know!

Quoted from the article:

"Donald Trump fell 35 spots to No. 156 this year. Trump is worth $3.7 billion, down $800 million from last year, largely due to a decrease in New York real estate prices and new information about his holdings. Forbes presents an asset-by-asset breakdown of his empire. Forbes has been tracking The Donald’s fortune since the debut of The Forbes 400 in 1982. His fortune is real, though by no means approaching the $10 billion that Trump continues to maintain he is worth." (bold emphasis added)

What a coincidence

If one can get past the simple barbarism of depriving the least fortunate of our citizens of their Medicaid coverage (which I believe those who are simply decent human beings cannot do), how does one justify a so-called President of the United States authenticating this bill when he himself will financially benefit from it? There is a word for that but you may choose your own -- mine is unrepeatable.


Dirty Laundry

It is worth noting that repeatedly washing one’s dirty laundry can eventually clog one’s drains. Once that occurs, it is necessary to hire a plumber. Good plumbers are very expensive. The mechanics of clearing the clog can cost more than one is willing to pay.

On the other hand, failure to remedy the clog in the pipes causes leaks. Serious leaks also necessitate expensive repairs by good plumbers. Otherwise, simply continuing to wash the dirty laundry without repairing the existing problems eventually can cause one’s pipes to burst.

Money laundering in particular is a dirty wash capable of effectuating a devastating bombshell. At that point, one has nothing but an unintended Watergate.

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