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Is he on and I was doing something else so I'm missing it completely?


(more than you can possibly imagine)

I think we can guarantee "That's not right", no "maybe" about it.

Made the mistake of tuning into the PR conf.

Here. Silly wacky game racing to watch in lieu of Trump.

Govt increases New Zealand's coronavirus COVID-19 alert level

If only we had a president like this... oh, wait, we should. Thanks Vlad, and FOX, and Republicans

Sure, he wants "America" back in business by Easter

David Fahrenthold

NEW: What happened before @realdonaldtrump called for re-evaluating lockdowns? His company had to close 6 of its top 7 revenue-generating clubs and hotels.

David Fahrenthold

I didn’t realize until today how corona closures have hit @realdonaldtrump ’s biggest revenue generators. Six out of the top seven. (And the one that’s open is doing pretty bad, too).

"Wartime president" is going to call the "All Clear"...

...before all of the waves of bombers have passed.

Result: a lot of people caught out in the open, and nobody trusting the "All Clear" again.

In case you are safely ignoring El Mango Grosso's standup routine...

..."How to Drink" has just started a livestream.

Coming up: The Quarantini

Quick question about RW argle-bargle point

It looks like they're trying to hold a halo above their heads by claiming the Democrats are attempting to pile a lot of Green New Deal stuff into a relief package.

Is it pure Base Buzzword Bingo, or are there some provisions where if you look at them sideways while squinting real hard and clapping your hands even harder that you could get enough GND to have a pebble of factoid in that mountain of BS?

Flights into NYC, Philly resume after brief suspension


Virus leads FAA to briefly suspend flights to NYC, Philly
30 minutes ago

NEW YORK (AP) — The Federal Aviation Administration has lifted a brief suspension of flights to New York City-area airports because of coronavirus-related staffing issues at a regional air-traffic control center.

In an alert posted online Saturday, the agency advised air traffic controllers to “stop all departures” to Kennedy, LaGuardia, Newark and other airports in the region.

The directive also affected Philadelphia International Airport.

The halt was lifted after about 30 minutes. Initially air traffic controllers were warned it could last several hours.

'Nature is taking back Venice': wildlife returns to tourist-free city


Look down into the waters of the Venice canals today and there is a surprising sight – not just a clear view of the sandy bed, but shoals of tiny fish, scuttling crabs and multicoloured plant-life.

“The water is blue and clear,” said Gloria Beggiato, who owns the celebrated Metropole Hotel a few steps from St Mark’s square and has a view over the Venice lagoon. “It is calm like a pond, because there are no more waves caused by motorised boats transporting day-tripper tourists. And of course, the giant cruise ships have disappeared.”

Under Venice’s strict rules of self-confinement to prevent the spread of the coronavirus – all journeys but a trip to walk the dog or buy food are forbidden – the ancient city has been transformed almost overnight.

The clarity of the water has improved dramatically. Swans and cormorants have returned to dive for fish they can now see. At the Piazzale Roma vaporetto stop, ducks have even made a nest. “Someone has put up a sign saying, ‘Don’t tread on the duck eggs,’’” Beggiato said. “All totally unimaginable a while ago.”
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