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Doctor_J's Journal
Doctor_J's Journal
December 21, 2014

That's the president beating the living shit out of the republicans -

his merciless, cut throat, ultra liberal payback for those six years of torment. I read that in a 200- rec thread just yesterday. So it must be true

December 20, 2014

it's a lot like the support for Obama in 2008

Based on the astute observation that most of us are getting screwed, and most of the politicians are helping the screwers. Obama's campaign rhetoric turned out to be bullshit, and his duplicity has nearly killed the party. Hopefully Warren can get elected AND actually follow through on her populism. But I think the experience with Obama has jaded a lot of people.

December 11, 2014

Can the torture issue be distilled down to this?

By refusing to hold Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the rest responsible, is the Obama administration an accessory after the fact to the war crimes? Sully says yes. I will not vote in this poll

October 24, 2014

We all participate within the du bubble. everybody here is going to vote straight

ticket. The idea that any regular duer is going to stay home because of our lively intramural poop-throwing is preposterous. Same with the desperate-sounding email from dccc, dfa, and so on.

Thanks for the shout out, sometimes the obvious needs to bepointed out.

October 23, 2014


Show me someone who would be turned off voting due to a negative email, and I'll show you someone who never intended to vote in the first place

Same thing with someone who would be turned off voting due to negative posts on a web site
October 9, 2014

hard to believe that fracking, off shore drilling, austerity, for profit health insurance,

Race to the bottom, another war, more poverty, TPP, and the prospect of HRC 16 doesn't have everyone fired up.

September 28, 2014

has this happened to you often?

This seems like a strange post, even from you.

April 2, 2014

I'd be more impressed if they found a teabagger who ISN'T confused

that would be a very rare being

October 13, 2013

Americans horribly, dangerously uninformed and misinformed about ACA

The American Public's Shocking Lack of Policy Knowledge is a Threat to Progress and Democracy

The genuinely shocking degree of public ignorance regarding the ACA that has been revealed by this slew of recent polls, more than three years after the law was signed by President Obama, should not be something to which we respond by simply shaking our heads and lamenting that the American people are so "disengaged." No, this ought to be viewed as a very serious political crisis and a grave threat to whatever semblance of health our badly disfigured democratic culture still maintains.

If anything, the trend is going in the opposite direction, with the public having actually become less informed with time: Levels of awareness of other key provisions have either remained stable or declined over time.

For example, the shares who are aware of the law's subsidies, Medicaid expansion, and closing of the Medicare prescription drug "doughnut hole" have all decreased since right after the law's passage in 2010 (by 12 percentage points, 6 percentage points, and 7 percentage points, respectively). This leaves substantial shares unaware that the law includes each of these key provisions.

The public is not just uninformed, but also misinformed, about the most consequential social reform signed into law in many decades. More than half of Americans reported to Kaiser that a public option was, in fact, included in the ACA. More than 40 percent believe that the law provides subsidies to undocumented immigrants to purchase health insurance, establishes something very closely resembling a death panel, and cuts benefits for seniors currently enrolled in Medicare (43 percent, 42 percent and 42 percent, respectively).



Hate Radio and Cable "News" are a clear and present danger to the country

September 24, 2013

Which, if either, of these describes you

From another forum

The issue is a matter of male sexual appetite. Which is more often than not excessive, aggressive...

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