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Profile Information

Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 12,022

Journal Archives

Did anyone happen to see this?


I'll bet Ellis thinks he's a shoe in for the SCOTUS. He probably is. n/t

The Plain meaning Rule and the definition of "emergency".

"Emergency": a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.

The Plain Meaning Rule: The Plain meaning rule is a type of statutory construction by which statutes are to be interpreted using the ordinary meaning of the language of the statute. ... Additionally, the plain meaning rule prevents courts from taking sides in legislative or political issues.

I think this says it all.

"Inappropriate circumstances"

This guy was all set to do the moon walk until his wife slapped his hand (figuratively). I wonder if he would have demonstrated the correct way to apply black shoe polish to one's face and hands if he had been asked.

Do you think that Democratic candidates could make a pact

not to criticize each other but run only on their vision of America?

Am I crazy to hope that we don't eat each other alive but rather focus on the country and save our fire for Trump or whatever Republican shill runs in his place?

It's 12 degrees here and my dog won't come in. Any advice would be

greatly appreciated.

I pray that Speaker Pelosi will close the Capitol Building on State of the Union day

and organize a large demonstration on the Capitol steps.

Does Pelosi actually have the power to postpone the State of the Union?

The forest for the trees...

The major takeaway from this shutdown should be that so many working people do not have enough saved for a month's rent or mortgage payment. The shutdown has exposed this country's dirty little secret and it is a time bomb.

Another problem for workers in this shutdown...

Many probably have direct deposit of their paychecks and have monthly bills automatically deducted from their checking accounts. So in addition to being unable to pay their bills, they are going to face overdraft penalties adding insult to injury.
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