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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
November 22, 2013

He lost me when I figured out his Third Way crap. I was a Daily fan before him.

I don't even remember what Craig KILBORN was like back then, just that I was a fan, and didn't follow KILBORN when he moved to late night network, and the couple of times I peeked he was awful.

So when Jon took over, I was bemused in his first shows when he was beseeching and obsequious about us previous Daily fans to give him a break. So I hung in there, and when he appeared to be a brilliant Lib comedian I was thrilled and signed on totally.

But after a few years the first big red flag flew, when he attacked Crossfire. While I could agree with attacking the polarization that LIMBOsevic initiated with Scorched Earth, why Crossfire where at least Lefties got a dig in?!1 I was just puzzled.

And later I didn't mind that he sprinkled barbs at Lefties when deserved. But the big reveal for me was when he piggybacked on the BecKKK "million" march or whatever it was, and put on a thoroughly bullshit fakery complete with the Mythbusters nobodies and other hippie-dippy/street-performing crap. He was like the flip BecKKK sermonizing about Let's Get Along, which he intensified like taking off a mask in years after, reaching out to wingnuts.

MAHER nailed him with the event, "If you're going to stage an event, you should make it about something." I have never EVER watched Jon since, and MAHER and COLBERT are where it's at and no looking back.

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