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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
October 26, 2014

Since you civilly asked me to explain, I will.

I am a Generalist. Frankly, rehearsing "Constitutional" scholarship is way out of my world view, since I regard the Constitution as something that, not only provided means for improving it, but which really has much room for improvement. We've all played "If I were king of the world..." and made lists of what we would do to make things perfect so we don't have to do that here.

Where I'm coming from, Part I, is that, perhaps from my basic (very basic) Liberal Arts education of "1984" and such I settled into a moderately paranoid expectation of modern society, assuming over the past few decades that there are cameras everywhere, that credit and debit cards and cell phones and cash registers and internet Cookies and advertisers are tracking every single thing we do, such that the SNOWDEN-GREENWALD "revelations" were not even a ripple to me.

Where I'm coming from, Part II, is that Worldly Sophisticated Nations have been spying on one another, including on their allies and their own populations, forever. Think, "Israel spying on CLINTON-LEWINSKY." So again, SNOWDEN-GREENWALD "revelations" are *zip* to me.

Where I'm coming from, Part III, is what Poster #1 said, about breaking the law and then absconding. I grew up with our parental generation telling us that "loose lips sink ships." And in my four years in the military, I was rock hard in believing that I took an oath, silly me. I am more cynical now, but Whistle-blowing does not mean to me absconding, and of all places to the arms of Pooty-Poot PU-TEEN.

Where I'm coming from, Part IV, which is in this entire SNOWDEN-GREENWALD saga for me, is that I don't idol-worship other humans (FDR-Eleanor are as close as I get). And I pride myself on my Bullshit Detector. And in the entire saga, FOR ME, it has ALWAYS been about my Bullshit Detector going off on them, for their self-aggrandizement, their showboating, their putting their own personal interests FIRST. It has ALWAYS, *for me* been ABOUT THEM. This post is as close as I have ever come throughout this saga of discussing "NSA". All my other posts have been about THEM and on reacting to the "authoritarian" name-calling.

We've really DONE this discussion before, ad nauseam. I suppose that if somebody continues the personal attacks I will be rankled enough to respond, but I really see no point to it.

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