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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
June 14, 2015

Here's a link to Hillary's speech. Plus some probably irritating thoughts.

Actually, I sort of liked it for being serviceable but mostly loved the FDR setting and references.

Now, let’s clear the next year’s garbage out of the way: I care about the Democratic AGENDA, not the personalities (idols). I don’t worship her, OBAMA, the KENNEDYs, or several other past Democratic nominees. But any Dem short of criminality is better than any Repuke, and our system is WINNER TAKES IT ALL. All of our Dem nominees have been more intelligent, more NOBLE, more DECENT than any of their opponents, but noble LOSERS accomplish nothing. Only the WINNER gets to do anything, even if only NOMINATING thousands of judges and bureaucrats/grunts who make policy down the line.

As for Hillary, I was very strong for her in ‘08. But she was a bust. OBAMA totally flummoxed her out of nowhere. Let’s be clear: ANYBODY could have won against the Repukes that year because of George W. BUSH. ANYBODY. The Repukes have mocked OBAMA about “CHANGE” being non-existent and empty. Actually, obviously, the word “CHANGE” was code for: ANYTHING DIFFERENT FROM GEORGE W. BUSH. No other agenda was needed.

As for Hillary and my support today. If she’s the nominee (who else?) of course I will support her as I have every Dem nominee from every wing of the coalition. I don’t care about finding a candidate who fits a checklist of appropriate issues: If they don’t have the common touch to WIN, yammering over issues is as futile as a college bull session of "If I Ruled the World" or a medieval monk's thoughts on angels.

As for her personally, coming from me: She’s been around too many blocks, for starters. She irritates/grates me, her voice, her total lack of charisma. I was raised in a family of strong women and my first vote was for a woman, and yet I was antagonized that at her rally in ‘08, I guess it was supposed to be for women and “girls” only since they gave sidewise ugly looks at us males, like we weren’t supposed to be there. She’s a lousy candidate: She never saw OBAMA or anybody else coming; threw away millions on the same tired P.R. people who have lost campaigns for decades; mismanaged the campaign to end up in debt; she’s a RED MEAT TARGET for wingnuts. Very possibly, she MIGHT LOSE, which is the worst thing ever. If she wins, get ready for Fake Impeachment #2. If she loses, get ready for JEB CROW SHRUB, the worst ever.

I have hope that she is different from Bill in that in her lifetime of politics she knows how precious being in office is, to work for the agenda, instead of Bill's having wasted the winning with his hanky panky: What I learned from Bill was that, with a leader who has to be defended non-stop, all our precious energies are wasted on defending one individual instead of all of our energies, including the leader's, being spent on the agenda.

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