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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
December 21, 2016

My latest broadside to the local radio talk show wingnut

It only takes a random few minutes of hearing the local radio wingnut to pick up on whatever his false interpretations are for that day, or most days or years since he frequently repeats. Yesterday he was totally brain-locked, with long dead air between words and his young co-host was holding back from saying, “This is PAINFUL to (observe),” the way the previous young co-host would say of OBAMA’s sometimes long pauses.

Yesterday, he was going on about how “some Hillary people” have not accepted the election outcome, that winning and losing in elections happens and either one is not that big a deal, but that “some Hillary people” are totally off the deep end about this because they see it as apocalyptic and “something catastrophic” going to happen.

First, about “some Hillary people” I’ve said that I am not a personality-cult driven type. The wingnut also refers to “OBAMA (followers).” These two individuals are, and whomever others happen to be, for the moment of however many years, the current ones being the leaders of my political party, and since I’m driven to support my political party because of my AGENDA of civil rights, social justice, civil liberties, and stewardship of the planet, my support for them is not about the individuals Hillary/OBAMA (or whomever).

This local wingnut blabberer himself over the past years of electioneering has said he was above all “AGAINST HILLARY” rather than being “FOR (DRUMPF)” while nonstop mouthing to clear the road for DRUMPF to succeed.

This local wingnut is a Billy KRISTOL in our local tiny pond – has been WRONG about just about everything for years. He doesn’t want to talk about RAYGUN 30 years ago because that’s OLD NEWS, but he’s willing to compare DRUMPF to Andy JACKSON.

Now that I’ve cleared off the canard about “Hillary’s people,” yes, I *DO* qualify to see this FREAK OUTCOME to be APOCALYPTIC with CATASTROPHIC CONSEQUENCES to come. It’s not about Hillary; it’s about DRUMPF.

It’s about TONS of his words, deeds, and behaviors over 70 of his years that came to light (not to mention what's hidden) that ought to convince just about anybody that this FREAK is COMPLETELY, TOTALLY unfit. I never would have voted for him just because of his “Republican” label, because, yes, I believe that there’s something wrong with anybody of that ideological bent for starters, moreso if somebody chooses the label for his personal expediency.

I’m not interested in “post mortems” blaming whomever. But by the way, the wingnuts’ favorite blame (“She’s a TERRIBLE candidate, nobody likes her,” whatever) skips over her 3 MILLION more votes. Setting aside the FLUKE Constitutional mechanics that we happen to worship, which resulted in his “win,” it is ABSURD for such a way of his winning to result in a WHOLESALE, TOTAL FLIPPING/OVERTURNING of every single apparatus of governing policies. The “Governed” (us) did not express any such desire. There is no “mandate” for him to totally upend everything. And even now, just with the NAMES he has placed (more likely, been TOLD to place), without and before their even taking any action, is enough to strike paralysis in anybody’s heart.

As asked of the local wingnut before, WHY DOESN’T IT STRIKE PARALYSIS IN *YOUR* HEART?! Another one of those questions he will never address.

As for “coming together” under whoever the winner is, that’s reserved for two candidates who are fairly comparable in their good will, not when this one is a FREAK of psychological make-up, judgment, and knowledge. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING he can do that can win me over, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. As arbitrary and erratic as he is, even if he throws ONE CRUMB our way, it is meaningless. He, whether for 4 years or who-knows FOR LIFE, has delivered the entire future of the country AND THE PLANET to a nefarious ideology. NOTHING GOOD CAN COME OF HIM. From the first words he uttered down to his current backing off of most of whatever he said, nobody can guess what he will actually do, besides all the harm he has already done. There are his CHUMP followers, CHUMPS for having believed him for starters, nefarious countries, and his inner circle – all engaged as we speak in scrambling to take him under their control. The political “world” and the natural “planet” are one big tinderbox, and him as a flammable string leading to a pile of dynamite is the last thing (literally) we need.

December 15, 2016

Am saying it: We LOSE because we *ARE* soft!1 Wingnuts send gutter fighters

They send street fighters, ATWATER, KKKarl, Roger STONE - the SCUM OF THE EARTH.

And we go for the "higher ground." Some of us claim to be "better than that."

NO, all of humans are a mixture of *EVERYTHING* good and bad.

My 69 years is of mostly NOBLE LOSING - Adlai, CARTER, MONDALE, GORE, KERRY, and Hil.

We're always better than they are - smarter, nobler, idealistic

Yet here we are (A- FUCKING- *AGAIN*!1)

I saw the moment when it was over: When DRUMPF growled at Hil and said, "Because you'd be in jail." And she flinched.

(This does NOT cancel out all the Russian crap.)

*******Please, flamers, just don't.

I'm not shocked with all the DRUMPF daily shenanigans. Am NUMB/neuropathy of the spirit, getting used to at least 4 years of COMPLETE DISPIRITEDNESS.

December 8, 2016

A LttE

I was surprised that they ran it at all for its incendiary attacks, but they barely changed anything, even demoting RAYGUN to "3rd tier actor" where I granted the leeway of "2nd or 3rd tier". But my anger achieved its goal since I told my friend last week I was so angry at the health situation she's enduring that I would channel it through an angry letter to the paper dedicated to her.


[font size=5] ‘Reality TV’ president [/font]

Republicans somehow acquired the image of being strait-laced or moralists or just uptight, and yet they have shocked us time and again by how far they will go to grasp power.

It seemed like we thought Ronald Reagan couldn’t be worse, having a third-tier actor as president. Then came George W. Bush, and we thought it couldn’t be worse, having a wastrel and business-wrecker. And the buzzword was “gravitas,” as in, lack of. And “gravitas” was drumbeat to death but in the end it didn’t do a thing to stop him. This time, it’s a Reality TV freak and the buzzword was “presidential” as in, lack of. And, oh, how everybody looked for him to “grow” and “change” and spout some substance, but not finding any didn’t stop him. We are now entreated to “give him a chance” and ignore the scores of bad behaviors over his lifetime that are a prologue of what is sure to come.

There have been articles by Italians saying that they went through this with Silvio Berlusconi, the billionaire prime minister for nine years, as the autocrat-type and that the way to deal with him is to believe him, his threats, bluster and “jokes.” Ignore little signs of normality. Institutions won’t save you; he doesn’t observe norms.

At my age, I probably won’t see what the Republicans will put forth next, so I’m curious.


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