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KELLY had me sputtering at the talk radio, then Dana LOESH was orgasming over him

I've posted a few times, when KELLY was lauded YES-HERE for being the adult somehow reining TWITLER in, that when he was at DHS he was a brute on Border policy.

He's been turned into the aw-shucks Gary COOPER/John "Draft Dodger" WAYNE type of testosterone hero.

Listening to several minutes of his press conference one question led to another:

* Since when do chiefs of staff hold press conferences?
I don't recall any by Rahm EMANUEL, PANETTA, or any of the other ones, full list here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_White_House_Chiefs_of_Staff

* Why does TWITLER have to use others as crutches for defending and explaining his fuck-ups - not to mention never facing real and extended questions himself, always having a hapless visiting head of state standing next to him, and yukking it all off without the semblance of actual thought?!1

* When did the CIVILIAN CONTROL of American government get superceded by military prototypes?
Viz., reporters getting "qualified" to ask questions according to being or knowing Gold Star families.

* Who has degraded the principles of American government, not to mention Gold Star families, more than TWITLER?

* Why does an unelected flunky (you, KELLY) have more First Amendment privilege than a congresscritter who was elected to represent the constituents, besides having a personal relationship with the deceased veteran and his wife?

* Why do wingnuts exemplified by LOESH believe that KELLY personifies American values by dint of his gender and the stereotypical physical characteristics of it and of degrading his dead son's memory?

***********I'm hoping for DUers to add on to this list better than I can sputter.

Brit HUME & HANNITY act out hypocrisy for wingnuts re WEINSTEIN vis a vis TWITLER/AILES/OREILLY

Among the many words wingnuts don’t “get”, hypocrisy and irony are prime, so the aforesaid boys do performance art (quoted below) as demonstration.

My theorem: When malefactors (bribery, chicanery, turpitude, et al.) who had been calling themselves “Democrats” before are revealed as malefactors, they forfeit even the semblance of any Democratic identity, since right action is a major component of being Democratic.

So, back when the Philadelphia “doctor” was murdering pregnant women and fetuses under the guise of abortions, the wingnuts gloried in calling him an “abortion doctor.” No. He was a serial killer who used medical techniques and an “abortion clinic” as his m.o., having nothing to do with Pro Choice. Same thing when a previously labeled “Democratic” congresscritter was found to have bundles of cash in his freezer, or whatever other criminals: They FORFEIT the *using* the Democratic party label.

So, WEINSTEIN trafficked in fashionable cash donations, but his nefarious personal perversions have nothing to do with actually being a Democrat.

This is to burst that balloon of glee the wingnuts have been riding over WEINSTEIN while they continue to be totally silent over AILES, O’LOOFAH, and above all TWITLER.


Brit Hume Seems to Believe Weinstein’s Sexual Assault Allegations, But Not Trump’s or Ailes’

.... It’s almost shocking to see someone so skeptical suddenly seem this receptive — and this is where Hume’s intentions seem to shine through. The truth, as I see it, is that Hume doesn’t seem to give a damn about sexual assault victims and their allegations unless believing them is positive for his career, his media allies, or his political views.

As others have noted, it’s difficult to find moral distinctions between the accusations made against Weinstein or Clinton and Trump or Ailes, other than the fact that Weinstein and Clinton are Democrats and Trump and Ailes are Republicans. And this ultimately explains exactly why Hume chose now — and with Clinton — to suddenly believe victims of sexual assault.

Hannity Slams Left for Hypocrisy on Weinstein, Forgets He JUST Had Bill O’Reilly On as Guest

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Shows Damning Montage of Trump’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations

.... “The President of the United States, almost exactly one year ago the famous (sic) Access Hollywood was released, which we don’t need to play because everyone remembers that tape, but what is not always remembered is what happened right after that tape was released. Woman after woman came forward, nearly a dozen in all, accusing Donald Trump of inappropriate behavior and sexual assault.” ....

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