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Another futile e-mail to the local radio wingnut talkshow host:

So today you were “righteously” outraged about how us dastardly Libs are questioning/accusing DRUMPF of being mentally ill. LOTS of people who have spent scores of years serving the public good (CLAPPER, etc.) carry NO WEIGHT with you, just your defending DRUMPF.

The only question *YOU* should be navel-gazing about is the same one somebody slapped Bill O’REILLY about:


The context is O’REILLY’s tag lines of “being on the LITTLE guys’ side” and “I’m looking out for *YOU*!”


No, you don’t care about minorities being mistreated, don’t care about social injustice or justice, don’t care about anything or anybody on the downside of human society, don't care about the planet.

So, with DRUMPF, here we are. There are no ISSUES about him. He cares about NOTHING/NOBODY except himself, not (do I need to spell it out: ) the COUNTRY. His “so-called” AGENDA and PROMISES are nothing anybody wants. It’s all about HIM and down to SAVING HIS ass. So, why oh why is HIS ASS so worthy a cause?!1

So we’re going to spend part of the next 3 1/2 years with the DISTRACTION of HIM, without absolutely anything about the real things that matter, and then spend the remainder of the 4 years on the disaster of President PENCE being “successful” at implementing the atrocious/horrible/a-hole agenda/promises.

Answer the only question you should soul-search about.

At this late date, still not admitting the real answer is: SOMEBODY *ELSE*

All through the execrable Campaign ‘16, we were under an onslaught of “advice” and wishful thinking for DRUMPF – that he might have a capacity to CHANGE, that he might PIVOT, that he looks credible when STICKING TO THE SCRIPT, and on and on, all of it adding up to: SOMEBODY DIFFERENT.

It was all totally clear who and what he was from Day One, with tons of documented history: A self-serving, amoral, mobster – that is all. The best thing the yakkers could come up with was that he was NOT AN IDEOLOGIST, was a pragmatist – translated as “unscrupulous opportunist.”

So it would seem that the past seven months’ worth of day-after-day of his sickening demands to be kicked out would be enough to stop the media yakkers from their wishful advising for him, but no, this very morning there they continue to be, wringing their hands about how he needs to make alliances with politicians and needs to stop tweeting and he NEEDS SOME WINS for his AGENDA.

Uh, note to yakkers: HIS AGENDA IS HORRIBLE, for starters. Only his dwindling base ever cared about his agenda. It might very well be just a totally fraudulent marketing gimmick aimed at voting SUCKERS. They really only cared about his releasing them to vent their hitherto strait-jacketed hatred. Wait until they are personally touched by his agenda. Even if his enablers manage to pass every item of his agenda, he will still end up as the most CURSED-AT jerk in this country’s history, leaving aside the wreckage the country will be left in. It’s not beyond him to SELL the country, having already sold OUT the country.

At this late date, the yakkers continue to pose “solutions” to what he wreaks every day, all pretending to ignore that the only real solution is: SOMEBODY ELSE.

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