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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 64,207

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'nother o'my e-mails to local radio wingnut talkshow host, this time over MANAFORT alert:

C'mon, (wingnut), news for tonight, MANAFORT has been warned by MUELLER that he should prepare to be indicted.

Here’s the thing, (wingnut) : I am a little nobody. I have *NO* inside sources, *NO* special connections for guvmint happenings, *NO* high—powered $3,000/bottle wine lunches.

And yet: Over these 30 years that I have been lambasting you for your dastardly wingnut views, I have been correct and you have NOT been COUNTLESS times. You have all these connections and yet your INSTINCTS and your RESOURCES and your PRINCIPLES and your CONVICTIONS are always WRONG! Could it be because your world view is miserably WRONG, and, really you don't have those principles/convictions?!

You have waited and waited for Whoever a Great White Hope will come down the pike. You have chased after Minutemen, the Second Amendment Terrorists, the SwiftBoaters, NAVARRETTE, CHEENEE-Shrub - ANYBODY you think will vanquish us dastardly Libs.

By the bye, Hillary has seemed to be your biggest bug-a-boo, even more than OBAMA. What’s *that* all about?!

ANYWAY, what has prompted this outburst of mine is tonight’s news that MANAFORT has been informed he should prepare to be indicted.

Now here’s the thing: As I’ve said many times, all I know is what’s available on public venues. So when this fellow (and ALL of TWITLER’s team) first surfaced, all his nefariousness was out there in public about his known history. And just his FACE broadcasts what a slimeball he is. Uh, SAME with TWITLER and ALL of his crew. But you wanted to "win".

Anyway. I doubt you’ve even sampled a $3K bottle of wine like the TWITLER flying monkeys. What is it about them that gets you to sell your non-convictions and non-principles for them?????????? HAH!!!!!!!!!
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