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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
June 19, 2018

The local rag keeps running my letters so far

The words “mandate” and “political capital” we used to use regarding leaders who had won landslides or good will can be deleted from our politics, since we have President Trump who won with a margin of 10,000 votes for the Electoral College. Yet he has ruled by fiat, nearly completely without Congressional legislation, and upended some 70 years of American leadership in the world.

All this done as though he had a mandate from a vast majority of the voters and done things even the worst presidents had the self-restraint not to do.

Remember when one candidate was bounced from the entire political scene because of the sound of his scream in a loud rally or another one because he shed tears when his wife was attacked? In our brave new world we have a leader who is hostile to the institutions and philosophical tenets of our democracy, hostile to the protections and well-being of We the People, and hostile to the country’s role among nations and admiring of dictatorial thugs.

He exists for his own personal enrichment and what he thinks will be glory. Here is why he wanted to talk to Kim Jong Un alone: To recruit him into the world’s Zillionaire Oligarchs’ Club, the cartel and mob literally ruling the world. This also explains why he can’t get along with “decent” people, world leaders who wouldn’t be tempted to participate in the dirty under-the-table mob games he lives by. Far fetched?

What about his supporters who really are diehard and his party in Congress who are just too craven to stand on principle? They all used to claim to be the true believers of patriotism and religion, yet are collaborating for the smallest, most short-sighted of issues.

June 5, 2018

My next-to-last defense of Bill CLINTON

Next-to-last because of a proverb in Spanish that it's your NEXT-to-last (beer/whatever) when you're leaving, because your LAST one is when you're dying.

Back then, we Dems did our barricades thing defending Bill. Yes, lots of the crap was VastRightwingConspiracy crap. It really was. But we Libs always look inward for root causes rather than Wingnut-looking-outward to blame outsiders, and Bill had a lot to account for.

And my Big Lesson from the defense-o'-Bill thing was: We lost a lot of our AGENDA time all for the defense of one charismatic leader. It takes a gawdawful time and energy to win power only to lose it all for ONE human and his personal failings.

So, today, here we are with a little reporter-on-the-make raking Bill over today's new coals about whether he has PERSONALLY apologized to Ms Monica LEWINSKY.

Here's MY apology to Monica LEWINSKY in the voice of Bill:

"I was the most powerful boss in the world. You were the lowliest of employees. As much power I had over the world, I had nothing to gain from you that I couldn't get and DID get from PRINCESSES of politics and celebrities. You came on to me and I played. It was stupid of me and I have and will continue to pay for my stupidity. It's too bad Hillary's crystal ashtray didn't kill me on my head. I apologized to you and everybody in public, but you don't deserve a personal apology in private. You played a silly immature game and I was a grown idiot."

************************* O.K., Bill, can you butt your way out of our work on our agenda? Thanks.

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