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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
May 7, 2019

Yes, *BUT*. Divisiveness, playing us against one another, attacking fellow Dems more than wingnuts

is what the wider issue is (separate from the O.P.'s topic), affecting us DUers in general.

The Democratic party, reflected? in DU, is a coalition. Each component group (like the DU "Group" design) has its own #1 agenda item. Down below that specific identity item, each coalition group unites with all the other groups on the Democratic coalition's universal items: Civil rights, social justice, civil liberties, stewardship of the planet.

Very common is for the #1 agenda items of coalition groups to clash: Viz., Unions vs NAFTA-ites (free trade?). (If I have wrong specifics, please don't derail my point, thanks. )

Over 19 DU years, most of us here have learned more, evolved more, adapted more to things we refined despite our having been wonderful, decent humans to start with, been educated in our innocence of ways of thinking we weren't aware of before. And there is always room for improvement.

*BUT* the circular firing squad - attacking fellow Dems for not being evolved enough, targeting fellow DUers more than Deplorables, radical PC-ism - is nothing else than bullyism.

Also the "convert"/zealotry syndrome is a real thing: I have a cousin whose son is an Out Gay, and his mother/my cousin went on a rampage against the large extended family, demanding not just acceptance but also ferociously demanding proselytizing from everybody and vehemently castigating any family who didn't become a single-minded activist on her son's topic.

This thread is a Group-specific topic, fine. But nearly all DUers agree with the subject and don't deserve to be attacked or to make one Group better than all others - OR to be Alerted on for PC deficiencies.

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