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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
July 20, 2019

Jon STEWART. Who wouldn't pick him vs Rand PAUL or any wingnut? However:

My questions, what *is* he, a Third Wayer, a kumbaya type, or what the heck?

Me, not being "up" on any latest thing, when I first knew of him I took him as a brilliant Lib comic. The little I saw, I took it fine when he occasionally sniped at Libs as well as wingnuts, like, comedians snipe at both sides, fine.

Then I got puzzled, when he guested on the old CNN show Crossfire and blew it up, with a rant about how they were demolishing the country with their fighting (Robert NOVAKula vs who/some namby pamby Lib, Bill PRESS? ), and then CNN cancelled it.

I didn't know where he was coming from.

Then in the Glenn BecKKK era with the weeping-wingnut alternating taking a crap on Libs then wailing about being sorry about dividing the country, BecKKK held a revival meeting in D.C. (think, MLK) where he convened all the wingnuts for their KKK-whatever thingamajig. But then STEWART convened what was supposed to be the Lib counter-rally ----------- fine with me. But STEWART's event turned out to be a pseudo-Hippie/RennaisanceFair type of thing, with balloons and soap bubbles and the MythBuster jerks and - BOTH of the BecKKK *and* STEWART attendees were pissed because neither "side" was ideological combat, just a mishmash of crap. Bill MAHER said about STEWART, "If you're going to have an event it needs to be ABOUT something."

Then, it really pissed me off when STEWART "reached out" to Bill O'LOOFAH, wanting to get along, wanting to "communicate" - CRAP.

So now, who can gig STEWART for taking on the cause of 9-11 First Responders. But STEWART is not mine. Give me COLBERT any time.



Jon Stewart Eviscerates Rand Paul for Blocking 9/11 Victim Funding: ‘It’s an Abomination’


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