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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
October 4, 2020

Update: Substituted OBAMA proclamation on Vietnam instead of the SHITLER one

In our previous episode, the saga was how it took over six months to get a simple task of receiving my 50th anniversary Vietnam pin fulfilled by my Blue Dog congresscritter, while the REAL Democratic congressman in the neighboring District had awarded the pins to his constituents six months ago. I kept in contact for status with unfortunately/my critter’s staffer all that time and I finally got the pin a week ago, but inside was a Proclamation with SHITLER’s scrawl on it, and the staffer said he would mail one to me the next working day with OBAMA's signature, fine. In tonight’s episode, after waiting another week without its arrival, I realized I could find it on the ‘net, and did so. So to tie the bow on it, I thanked the staffer again but with shade thrown about Blue Dogs. Here’s the whole exchange:

*********FIRST I said:
(Name of staffer), keeping in contact for status over the past six months of the Vietnam lapel pin was like a virtual friendship, and my thanks for your getting the job done are sincere. But what are (virtual) friends for if we don't say the real stuff? So here goes:
So, just letting you know that after I had focused on the pin itself, it dawned on me that the "Proclamation" included was from TRUMP with his scrawl on it. I removed it from the materials and will give it the Speaker PELOSI treatment of the State of the Union paper. I realize that it's a formality like having the picture of whoever the president is at Federal facilities.
We military when on active duty are not political, but I'm a veteran civilian now, and am a total, life-long Democratic voter. I'm happy so far that the Congressman has been saying the Democratic things and voting that way. Keep it up. Thanks again.

Good afternoon Mr. ,
Thank you for the kind words. If you prefer I believe we have proclamation signed by former President Obama, that I could send you? This initiative was first signed during his administration. Absolutely I can mail you that. It will be in the mail tomorrow!

*******I SAID:
Gosh, (Staffer), I didn't expect this extra step and don't want to put you to more trouble by sending the OBAMA proclamation. If you can do it without much trouble, I'll take it. My main interest since the Congressman first ran and took office is that he continue to be a steady Democrat. Anyway, thanks again, (Staffer). Once a Marine (him/staffer), always part of the Navy Department (haha).

***********HE REPLIED:
Congressman is a steady blue dog democrat who continues to push for cooperation on both sides of the aisle for legislation that will help veterans and better this nation. I don’t just say that as lip service. I get to see how and why he votes and have regular discussions with him when I staff him for events and meetings. Not a problem at all! Semper Fidelis! (Signed, “Name of staffer”)

*******SO I REPLIED:
(name of staffer), I was able to find the OBAMA proclamation on the ‘net, https://veterans.nebraska.gov/sites/veterans.nebraska.gov/files/doc/PrezProc.pdf and printed it out on a suitably heavy paper and laminated it. Thanks again to YOU for completing the mission and may the Congressman evolve into dropping the "Blue Dog" part all the way to the FDR/HST/LBJ DemocratIC mainstream. I'll be standing Watch and voting!


October 2, 2020

Excellent. I realize you're reacting to today's specifics, but Nanny-ism is a general thing.

I woke up today ready to post a rant on your same topic here, after yesterday a member stepped into a thread that had been going well and squashed the whole mood with a personal peeve request.

We are (what, 500,00?) members strong, meaning individuals of 500K traits and tastes, ranging across all levels of age, education, emotional maturity, capacities of tolerance and temperament. And on top of that we are Democrats in our Democratic coalition of sub-groups, each sub-group having its own separate #1 agenda topic, with some sub-groups actually antagonistic to other sub-groups.

There’s also the distinction of DU’s “Group” rules vs the General discussions, where Groups can dictate. And we have Purists who claim more entitlement over the rest of everybody, going on to Nanny the board, but more than that, to: *BULLY.* Because they claim to more Right based on feeling that their own being aggrieved is more intense than anybody else’s. It’s the zealotry of the Converted, like they own the board.

To treat somebody as an equal is not to pander to the sub-group. Pandering is not equality, it is covert patronizing/condescension. And having realized one’s integrity of their sub-group doesn’t mean getting special privileges.

Here’s what might be my Signature line after the pestilence of SHITER is out of our lives:

**********NOTE: This thread is *NOT* about what YOU want, so *NO* diverting it in that direction, no flaming, nannying, gatekeeping, bullying, suppression of Democratic virtues of free thought and expression, outraged self-righteousness, and other such vociferous incivility.

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