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Need a catch-all thread: Repuke party has forfeited *ALL* of their claimed principles

They can NOT preach about:

* patriotism.
* the military
* small government.
* economic integrity
* democracy
* law and order
* "life"
* family values
* ethics

*****Tell me more.

Ha! LIMBAUGH takes iddy-biddy blame/credit for unleashing "partisanship" on the country!1

I stopped close monitoring him in the Opposition Research mode years ago. I was in the intense phase during my working years since my employer allowed radio, starting from when he went syndicated nationwide until I retired, thereafter only catching random snippets sporadically on errands in the car. (Also stopped Tweety several years ago and Joe SCABS definitely in 2012. I remember SCABS' early days when he went 30 straight work days excoriating PELOSI and when he would verbally and emotionally abuse Mika Mouse before she chose her solution of divorcing her husband and marrying him to make it stop - although recently signs of relapsing. But those are other stories. )

So today LIMBOsevic was on about how lamentable it is that the country is swamped with divisive partisanship. Yes, he was saying that.

Almost immediately, he mitigated this by saying that he his own self takes blame for (much/all) of this, here moving on from blame to credit since he said it had to be done by whatever wingnut because the media had officially, at that time, become a voice for Dems/Libs and no real reporting was happening, or rather that reporting certain things(?) was not happening.

And, yes, in my past summing him up I have said that he, single-handedly, resusitated the Wingnut movement that had been discredited first from the McCARTHY era and last gasp with the John Birch Society. And he laid in Roman concrete the Scorched Earth paradigm of never compromising on anything at all, no matter how little. GINGRICH became the official face but LIMBOsevic was the power.

What I've always liked is when he recites what his opposition (us/Dems/Libs) say about him and all wingnuts - he summarizes who wingnuts are better than we do, starts by saying what "they say about us - that we're racists, homophobes, haters, greedy, ... " on and on, spouting all the things Deplorable-him and his, are.

Also funny is how he has insulted his listening audience constantly all his years, when he says, "With half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair." His fans don't get that he only needs half his brain to appeal to them.

********ON EDIT, Note: I now see, after the posts on ATWATER's deathbed remorse,
that it was misleading when I said he/LIMBOsevic said it was "lamentable ... divisive partisanship". I should have said that he was being arch, pleading wingnut victimhood how us mean Libs don't capitulate to them, crying crocodile tears, etc. In *NO* way of words or tone was he expressing any kind of remorse, and as I did say he immediately shifted to taking *CREDIT* for the partisanship. Since ATWATER became a reference point I will say for me that I don't care that ATWATER repented and apologized and asked for forgiveness because it is almost never enough to make up for extreme harm done. Just as there are stages of grief, there are stages or cycles that perpetrators go through: 1- Bliss, 2- mounting dissatisfaction (increasing emotional, verbal abuse), 3-Explosion (physical abuse), 4- "remorse" (apologies, weeping, promises), 5- Bliss (when the sucker/true-victim forgives) ------and back through the cycle again. Apologies are worthless. And LIMBOsevic never has, never will. I've heard him in many episodes of self-pity - about the drugs, about possibly being frog-marched over the drugs, about how all the millions he has raised for charity have not brought him acceptance from us mean Libs, about being deaf, about the cancer - but have never heard him apologize for anything. When he admits to something like the "partisanship," he is *bragging* about it.

My original Deep Thought tonight:

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