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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
January 22, 2021

2fer: Proofing/impervious against Executive Orders. And wingnuts' concept of "unity"

President BIDEN has already fired a passel of the “Acting” goons that the Nameless One had plugged in there to cravenly do his bidding. And as for the SEVENTEEN Executive Orders he signed yesterday afternoon, he wiped out some of the worst that the Nameless One had inflicted – the climate, the environment, et al. Not that he or the Dems need my advice but why can’t these issues be legislated now that we have a chance into solid form so they can’t be easily trifled with by whatever whippoorwill flies down the chimney?

And here's an answer to the current passive aggressive whimpering of the Wingnuts, their claiming that no unity is possible because WE won’t give them what they want: Wingnuts are mentally Scorched Earth, their way or the highway, Fundamentalists, “originalists” (not really), and uncrackable NUTS – in addition to being insufferable, ignorant fools. Any discussion cannot happen when their one or two points (“abortion”, “Christianity"/not-really) are absolute matters of *BELIEF* (only, not of Reason) and anybody differing with their BELIEF is automatically the *ENEMY*, such that every sentence is a *DEAL BREAKER*. There is NO “come let us reason together”.

And my name-calling them here is descriptive, not my own subversion of "unity".

******ON EDIT: The only communication (information exchange) between them and us is: You can't convert me; I can't get past your wall.

January 9, 2021

Facing it: The wingnuts will *have* only a Balkanized, scorched earth country.

And I realize that my contentious terms ("wingnuts" ) seems like playing their game, but not really.

There is no reaching out, yielding to, or converting them. They won’t have it, period.

We must just put our heads down and focus on our Democratic agenda: Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, Social/Economic Justice, and Stewardship of the Planet. That is all.

When the opposition poses hostile stunts that can’t be ignored, fine, we must deal with those, expeditiously and forcefully and get back to our agenda. Otherwise, we can just be watchful of the rest of their noise that is not threatening and just keep plugging along with our agenda. Any of them who are willing to give and take, fine, we'll do that.

Our own pitfall to watch out for is falling under the spell of The Charismatic Leader with Baggage. We’ve been through that before, when we have to shunt our agenda work aside in order to devote all of our energy instead to defending a seriously flawed leader. When one of those charmers is a choice, we need to wipe away a tear and nominate a less charming but more steady character. It takes too long and too much work to finally win power just to squander it away to one person.

No one person is above our agenda. We honor but don't worship.

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