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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
October 24, 2021

Russell Brand tag teams Jon Stewart ragging on CNN - apologists for Drumpf

Have never followed these two, was disposed to consider them on the Left back when. But went through stages of mistrust with Stewart, the first red flag being years ago when he attacked CNN's "Crossfire" for "dividing us", leading to its cancellation. Then he staged some kind of "unity" rally to match one by Glen BecKKK, when his vision turned out to be a Hippy Dippy Renaissance Fair complete with bubble blowing and the dweeby Mythbusters. And his reaching out to the wingnuts got worse when he started kissing up to O'Reilly. That sealed him for me. Is he Thid Way or No Labels? I wish Colbert would cut that cord.

With Brand it was more sudden - first just puzzled that a singer would marry his weirdness, then a mild allowance for him after the divorce when he seemed to be an educated European on chat shows, then just lost track of him entirely until a couple of months ago when i saw a couple of his podcast videos attacking the Clintons and being a jerk Drumpfite.

So today in my YouTube session, here both of them turned up as apologists for Drumpf by attacking CNN. Not linking here. The title can be Searched:

"Jon Stewart DESTROYS CNN on their Trump Obsession"

***** ON EDIT: See the video in Post #21 of Stewart on Crossfire that is almost entirely his focus on the show, the other contentious shows, the media, both hosts - with only one bit specific to Carlson.

October 10, 2021

The great Wingnut armada (other states' Natl Guard) has evacuated Texas, leaving ABBUTT behind!

ABBUTT has been nothing if not a rabble rouser, demagogue, Red meat to Red aholes on every issue - whether pandering to Drumpf, being derelict in attending to actual needs like the utilities grid, targeting women's rights/Choice and the needs of the most vulnerable (refusing Medicaid funds), and the ever present feeding from Fatcats.

So he's held constant events with and without the Faux Propaganda Network, supposedly with (only wingnut) Border sheriffs to ballyhoo usurping Federal roles and his stooges LT governor Dan PATRICK and "attorney general" (charged in court) Ken PAXTON filing constant lawsuits against the Federal government.

And this "vice president of the Border Patrol union" Chris CABRERA is a constant wingnut media hound on Faux and everywhere. Isn't there a Chain of Command within the Federal government about not undermining agency mission and regulations? Hatch Act, anything? Is he on work time when he's yammering at all hours of the day? Yet he enjoys cushy pay and benefits with plush pension and benefits to come.

Will stand corrected if my math is wrong, so only eleven (11) outsiders are left, "fewer than a tenth of the total," for what used to be the grand armada of about a hundred? that ABBUTT hullabalooed about. Sort of like having a Second Amendment gun to fight the nuclear enemy.



Border left 'wide open' after red states pull National Guard and police

…. Cabrera is the vice president of the Border Patrol union’s Rio Grande Valley chapter. On a 12-mile drive along roads that agents use to access the overgrown land along the Rio Grande, Cabrera points out a total of 11 spots where National Guard soldiers had been posted all summer.

But four months since Abbott’s call for assistance, nearly all have quietly returned home, according to data provided by the Texas Division of Emergency Management and the Texas Military Department. The 48 soldiers from South Dakota were called back. Among the state police, all 14 in Ohio, 26 in Nebraska, 28 in Iowa, and 69 from Florida have been pulled from the line, unable to endlessly work out of state.

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, a Republican, said on Wednesday that the state could not continue with the costs, while other governors have said their states need law enforcement back in their communities.

As of Friday, just 11 soldiers from outside Texas are the only out-of-state military or law enforcement help Texas has on the border, fewer than a tenth of the personnel who were there this summer. ….


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