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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 66,215

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Wow, am pausing to count the times these types of posts have been launched at mine:

*** QUOTE: ***
* derail the thread
* especially obnoxious
* suggest others not care
* (plus the solution: ) move on to another thread, offer a worthwhile contribution *** UNQUOTE ***

* Vindictive Alerts for OPINIONS
* Instigating/participating flame fests
* Preferring to target fellow members here instead of out-there wingnuts

Thanks for identifying, codifying something that really happens, is dared not to be spoken.

Stages of Stewart losing me:

First I took my fellow Dems' word he was one of us, liked the little I saw.

When he occasionally turned fire on Libs I accepted he was just a comedian calling it like he saw it.

Then he tore up CNN's Crossfire on their air about their dividing the country and it got cancelled.

Then Glenn BecKKK staged a phony "uniting America" crapfest and Stewart found it necessary to hold one supposedly from the Left that turned out to be a hippie dippie crapfest with soap bubbles and the Mythbusters. Afterwards MAHER said, "If you're going to have an event it needs to be ABOUT something."

Then he started kissing up to O'LOOFAH about getting along hosting and guesting with each other. Stewart was playing by himself.

**** So I quit him for good. Third way crapper or whatever his delusion is. I wish COLBERT would quit him.

Older Americans Month is over. Some whippersnappers can relax.

May was Older Americans Month, elders perhaps not getting so much acknowledgment as other groups or as in other cultures. We might think of them in other terms, such as parents and grandparents or veterans, first responders or teachers. But what about those who figured as a turning point in our personal development and working life?

Have we all known, or perhaps been, young people who thought they did it all themselves and saw predecessors as stepping stones or as being in the way of their ambitions or even obstacles by occupying coveted positions?

Perhaps those in charge now might think about those retired elders, the ones who took a chance to hire you, gave you their hard-won knowledge and experience with an open hand, who risked their own status to support or even defend you, the ones who played by old-fashioned rules of deference to elders instead of pushing in line, who waited their turn, who showed some grace with silence, who taught by example, who stepped aside to make room for you, and who didnít ask for thanks.

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