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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
July 16, 2021

Questions about Breakout instances - What is the protocol?

* Are Fully Vaxed supposed to keep testing if in mixed settings (not close proximity, masked & unmasked).

* Are "mild" cases dismissed as cold/allergies and going unnoticed/dismissed?

* What's the treatment plan and duration?

* Will the Breakout yield a "boosted" immunity, like with the proposed 3rd boosters?

* Can re-infections occur after a Breakout?

*** ON EDIT: What about companion animals - dogs/cats can catch

July 12, 2021

*Huzzah* to the Cubans rising up in Cuba and a word to the post-Exiles here

* First of all, congratulations and solidarity to the Cubans in Cuba standing up for themselves, THERE. Finally, after all these years of their suppression.

* Next, to the Exiles protesting here: Consider making it real by somehow *MATERIALIZING* your support physically over THERE. Here's the deal: We Dems/Libs were solid in support of the revolution against the Wingnut dictator BATISTA and welcomed CASTRO and GUEVARRA, even glorified them. But soon thereafter they showed who they were - and forget the "Communism" B.S. - who they were were murderers and fortune stealers for themselves in Swiss banks. Then the First Generation of Exiles here, who were wingnuts in their own country to start with, turned against JFK and the Democratic party over the Bay of Pigs, and became willing tools for the old CIA and our wingnuts here. Then followed endless pains in the neck to us Dems from both sides - the CASTRO provocations (e.g., the Mariel dump, pokes in our eyes with USSR) and the Exile-CIA generation going full Repuke here. Not to mention that the Cubans got perks with immigration policies that other nationalities (say, Mexico) did not get. Plus, such benefits as Cuban-Americans advancing with lightning speed for top political offices (U.S. Senators), leap frogging over other minorities (say, Mexican-Americans).

* So, now that it's safer and your compatriots in Cuba are risking their all, perhaps you might consider going back, this time using your now more refined Right Wing doctrines in ways that are not oppressively dictatorial. I personally will advocate to support you over THERE.

***** After all, that's where your heart has always been, so from this Bleeding Heart Liberal I just want to bless your heart!

***** Here's a thought: Let's send RUBIO and CRUZ over there to spearhead our aid!

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