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Gender: Male
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 66,785

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Pls indulge my immaturity in trolling my local radio wingnut station

Sent them triple whammy graphics, saying, It was SO satisfying and exciting to mail off my Nielsen radio ratings diary today! Not a single mark for K*** (call letters), since the random couple of minutes spent there are so negligible as to be undetectable, and, as I've said before, all it takes is any given couple of minutes to catch out their twisted propaganda, schoolyard bullying, misdirections, distortions, perverted world view, et al.

And the Phillies part is because the wingnuts love the Astros. The Democratic graphic's meaning to them is obvious.

"Garbo speaks"? - Haberman *SMILES* (lots) with COLBERT (nobody better than him)

ON EDIT: Given the first-blush disapproving posts about this subject:: Merely posting doesn't equate, unless specified, with endorsement of a subject person/topic. It can be a character, psychological, questing exercise. I've wondered over the years why Drumpf keeps talking to her, despite his occasional slam, since she often spills negative bits about him. In this instance, in *all* of her appearances everywhere else, I have noted, on the one hand how dour/severe/self-guarded she always is, and, on the other, how her hosts give her special treatment, deference, almost reverence or even fear. So I wondered how COLBERT would deal with her, since the tidbits of content about Drumpf have been spilled all over elsewhere and whether he would also almost bow and scrape. This is one of the only times I have underestimated him. He disarmed her from the get-go, zeroed in on her severe facade elsewhere, and kept her in almost-stitches.

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