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UTUSN's Journal
UTUSN's Journal
May 27, 2022

Switzerland has a simple "drivers license" system for guns without the U.S. mass killings

In my zero zone of influence I have wondered why a simple drivers' licensing system for guns doesn't attract anybody: Vetting for mental competence, training, testing, a time-limited permit that is renewable (or not) and subject to revocation.

So simple, surely should be obvious. *Not* confiscation of all guns or all the boogeymen U.S. gun-nutters raise.

It turns out that something like this has been in place in Switzerland since whenever.



Switzerland has a stunningly high rate of gun ownership — here's why it doesn't have mass shootings

…. Swiss authorities decide on a local level whether to give people gun permits. They also keep a log of everyone who owns a gun in their region, known as a canton, though hunting rifles and some semiautomatic long arms are exempt from the permit requirement. ….

People who've been convicted of a crime or have an alcohol or drug addiction aren't allowed to buy guns in Switzerland.

The law also states that anyone who "expresses a violent or dangerous attitude" won't be permitted to own a gun.

Gun owners who want to carry their weapon for "defensive purposes" also have to prove they can properly load, unload, and shoot their weapon and must pass a test to get a license. ….


May 25, 2022

Small comfort that the latest mass murderer was a U.S. Citizen

It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out what wingnut hysteria would be unleashed if it had been an undocumented immigrant.

The seminal event for the U.S. wasn’t the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, it was ***SALEM, Massachusetts***. The unhinged, insane, malignant religiosity of mob hysteria that has popped up periodically ever since in different guises of hatred – towards “Others” of other beliefs, foreigners, or races, boogeymen.

So the Wingnuts are about nothing if not about demonizing outsiders and attempting to impose THEIR personal BELIEF systems and “choices” on everybody else. Whether on being anti-Choice or on their so-called “Second Amendment rights” they impose and dictate.

So RESOLVED: That any criminal shootings that happen be classified as WINGNUT killers, irrespective of race, ethnicity, ideology, or religion.

And what “solution” do the Texas wingnuts bandy about? Why, naturally, as their criminal “attorney general” Ken PAXTON immediately barfed out (again): To ARM teachers. They/wingnuts in Texas (Texas Texas Texas) have already set this up on the home front in legislation. If the shooter had been an Undocumented, their front would have been a nationwide SALEM hysteria.

A reporter asked PAXTON, “MORE guns (instead of FEWER)?”

A modest, common sense plan for gun management would be something like Drivers Licensing: Screening, training, testing, time-limited permits subject to review and renewal (or terminated, or not renewed).

Perhaps it could appeal to the Wingnut gun nuts if they realized a whole new industry of screeners and trainers would BOOM (so to speak). They love programs that have boondoggles attached (like "walls" or wars for enterprising contractors).

May 23, 2022

SanFran silly boy archbishop declared a Crusade/Inquisition on PELOSI, got communion elsewhere

My local wingnut who always harped on if-you're-Pro-Choice-you-ain't-a-Catholic once told me to join some Presbyterian or Methodist outfit.

(SIDEBAR: The farmworkers/migrants deserted the Cath into the evangelicals decades ago on the basis of Rich Church, statue-worship, virgin was a ***. )

Uh, I happen to “believe” that values/principles/beliefs are born and permanent, not switched around. Besides that I don't hew to any "religious" mindset. Although Mister NIETSCHE said everybody should examine themselves (he was a Classics/Greek professor, shades of Davis HANSEN to a much lesser degree) and figure out what is real and good for yourself NOT what you were BORN with, but then he also denounced FOLLOWERS, so I don’t FOLLOW. And (EMERSON? – no, WHITMAN) said, “I contradict myself” fine.

So the “archbishop” of SanFran declared he won’t bestow communion on a lifelong, Catholic, Italian-American PELOSi on the basis of his medieval interpretation a “Catholic” point. Yea, my learned cousin taught me that the Pope has no jurisdiction over all the scattered bishops, that the Pope is *ONLY* a bishop himself, the Bishop of Rome.

So, the Pope has already bestowed the communion thing on PELOSI, and as seen below, she can get it in another jurisdiction. States rights, doncherno.


Maya R. Cummings, Ph.D. @MayaRCummings According to @playbookdc
SPOTTED: Speaker NANCY PELOSI at the 9 a.m. Mass at Holy Trinity in Georgetown, where she was given communion.


May 7, 2022

My generosity to you is not to accuse you of attributing those things to me, personally.

In your list:

Slut-shaming a sex-positive woman
and most recently
Ageism (how dare a woman in her 60s still be interested in sex!!!!!)"

you left out *my* stated critiques:
Boring thudding simple 4x4 rhythm, pretentiousness, copying (no, not "reinventing" self) others, no melodic beauty, monotonous sing-song, and much more than I've been exposed to.

Yeah, I'm going to lay claim to MOZART's catalog, "reinventing", doncherno.

May 5, 2022

Forgot to mention her talk show appearnces - pretentious, stupid.

& her & JACKSON's cash magnet is a mystery to me.

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