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Same framing from 2015 applies now.

Back then my local radio talkshow wingnuts were yukking it up over the prospect of *winning* with an out-of-the-box weirdo, for whom they went out their way to make his every major offense out to be a mere peccadillo. The head wingnut called him a "Populist." Same as during the Iraq Attack he bought Shrub's many "reasons" for the illegal attack, to the effect that we anti-illegal/attack Libs were racist about Arabs, that we didn't believe Arabs were "capable of democracy."

So when one or another woman made allegations of sexual impropriety against Drumpf, the head wingnut sprung to defend, on the grounds that all such allegations were being made because "he's a target for being a billionaire."

I called-in and said that the framing was wrong, should be: “Because he’s a billionaire he thinks he can have or do anything he wants.” The head wingnut was taken aback and had to admit that it WAS a matter of framing.

*** So, besides all the criminality that runs through Drumpf’s neurons, the root motive in Drumpf for just about everything is the entitled belief that anything that catches his fancy is HIS PROPERTY – no concept of democracy and service, that all the government, military, now documents are HIS PROPERTY.

It’s not certain whether he’s even a billionaire, but he also claims to OWN that word. He even thinks he OWNS “employees” (whom he doesn’t pay).

*** For the record, I believe in his Mob criminality in all things. My suggestion about the relatively downscale entitlement is just one little bit.

My local radio wingnut microcosm of the Drumpf defense talking points

So Wingnut #1’s engrained, ideological slant even permeates “neutral” topics, like movie reviews. He heard that RAYGUN was considered for Casablanca before the Lib BOGART was cast. He pondered this and the “Lib” label was not mentioned, but he came down on keeping BOGART there as the perfect choice for the role while blurting out, “I *LOVED* (RAYGUN) as president, but… (in other words, RAYGUN was no BOGART)“.

It was a foregone conclusion that he would regard RAYGUN like that, and no surprise that Drumpf is not the first snake oil salesman Wingnut #1 has fallen for, or rather snake oil salesmen are his breed of choice. Luckily, to young generations RAYGUN is non-existent, just an abstraction resulting from hearing the drumbeat of how “great” RAYGUN supposedly was (a pandering committed by Democrats beyond the predictable Repukes) versus what we who lived through that period know about his October Surprises, Iran-Contra, ignoring AIDS, lifelong grifting, and much more.

*** Wingnut #1 relies obsessively on tropes/canards to play "Why don't YOU do something?"

Trope1: (Re: gun control) – “They complain but don’t say WHAT to do!” - *LIE* - (multi-purpose for other issues)

Trope2: (Re: Drumpf) – “If Drumpf would just SHUT UP/stop Tweeting he would be FINE!” - *LIE*

Trope3: (Re: immigration) – variation of #1: “They complain about fixing immigration but don’t say WHAT to do!” - *LIE*

The obvious response to the lying tropes is: Nothing gets done because you wingnuts block any of the remedies.

*** To surmise what Wingnut #1 and the rest of Drumpf defenders find about him so valuable as to save him at all costs: It derives from the Great White Hope syndrome: How, when Black boxers became champions, the White fans kept hoping for a White to emerge as the great conqueror to “make boxing White again” (to paraphrase a phrase), always looking, hoping, hopes dashed and dashed. It’s like trying to find somebody of character and integrity in the long list of wingnut crazies. Like how Wingnut #1 claims that CHURCHILL was greater than FDR. Note: CHURCHILL was a racist and colonialist and there would be no WWII CHURCHILL without FDR. Oh, here’s a thread in common fitting CHURCHILL with RAYGUN and Drumpf: Cheerleading, rousing or riling peeps up. RAYGUN had the benefit of Hollywood studio training (not enough to make him an A-list actor, but good enough for wingnut suckers).

So when Wingnut #1 says it’s TOO SOON and WE DON’T KNOW ENOUGH to toss Drumpf to the ash heap, what he’s WAITING for is some golden get-out-of-jail KEY that completely discredits the investigations, the way he claims all previous allegations (Russia, pee tape) were discredited (and, no, Hillary didn't start them - the Russia thing started with RUBIO's campaign - besides being *TRUE* ) .

The only tiny criticism of Drumpf my local radio wingnuts have had: If he would just SHUT UP.

That his only flaw is his motor mouth, their forever-trope about how Drumpf would be all right if he just would shut up, stop the past Tweeting. So today their latest version was that “He would be president TODAY if he had SHUT UP in the last month.”

The embedded FALLACY is the same as always: What, exactly, is the benefit of his occupying the highest/most HONORABLE office of the country? And the rest of the wingnuts are always ballooning crap about his “wonderful policies and accomplishments”.

Uh, (am sifting through all his “accomplishments” ) – undermining trust in all institutions and democracy, giving permission to unleash previously hidden/unspeakable racism/hatred/shame, serving tyrants/despots/oligarchs, dismantling a hundred years of moral structure and political alliances, furthering the planet to destruction. (There’s more.) ...

*** But on a lighter note, hold your hand up if you're not being raided by the FBI:

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