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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Current location: McKinney, TX
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 26,430

About Me

Small business owner, former professor and university administrator... former expat (lived in UAE for 10 years).

Journal Archives

Vendetta masks in UAE colours draw warning

Can I just say, I am very happy to be outside of the UAE now. The self-censorship involved in living in the most benign dictatorship was more than annoying to this freedom loving American:

Police officials in Dubai have warned against wearing a mask that symbolises opposition to state authority during any celebrations connected to National Day and declared it illegal.

Any person found wearing Guy Fawkes masks, also known as ‘Vendetta masks’, risks police questioning as any object or action deemed to be instigating unrest or insulting the UAE is illegal, police officials said.

The masks are a stylised depiction of a man who was behind the failed Gunpowder Plot to blow up the British House of Lords in London in 1605. The plot is commemorated with a fireworks displays in the UK on N... http://gulfnews.com/news/gulf/uae/general/vendetta-masks-in-uae-colours-draw-warning-1.1105928

Papa John's Idiocy has already cost the company $140M as of today

Stock price in 2008=14.81 ... Stock Price before controversy= 53.10, He's doing pretty well... Drop since threatened boycott and lawsuit for spamming customers= 47.06 and dropping... 53.10-47.06= 6.04 x 23.13M shares= wiping just under 140Million dollars of company value off the book the last few days. Just how much is that healthcare going to cost? a lot less than 140M

My 78yo Father Who Went to Segregationist Rallies in 1950's Florida Voted For Obama Twice

His dad (my grandfather) was deep, deep dark KKK. I seriously don't even want to think about it. However, it is a measure of how far we have come in this country when a man like my dad votes for Obama twice.

In this cycle (due to the racist nastiness) in deep red North Florida, he even went as far to tell people off over their idiotic and often racist support for Romney.

I am proud of him.

He has also been walking around with smile on his face the last two days.

Citizens United DID Matter... When the Spending Numbers Come Out

We will get a clearer picture of the tsunami that we faced. I think on a level playing field we would have easily won by 10 Million + votes again.

That makes the victory all the more sweet.

Miami-Dade is already reporting machine problems (per CNN)

Lines are long and machines are breaking... hang in there Florida voters!

Rain and Thunderstorms in the Forecast for N. Florida Tomorrow= Bad News for Romney

North Florida, with a few exceptions, tends to break massively for the Repugs. The early voting Democratic lead may be enough to give Obama Florida...


Rove on Fox Giving a Spin on Ohio Early Voting Sunday Night on Lou Dobbs

As a rule, I DO NOT watch Fox, but I braved the channel change last night just to see the reality distortion going on in Romney land. Having not watched it in years I was shocked at how far from reality they were.

Why I am posting though is Karl Rove was on giving that stats that there was only a 98k gap between Democratic and Republican early voters. His argument was if that margin held and people voted in a similar breakdown Romney would take Ohio.

Someone else can talk me down too, but after a little research, I uncovered that if someone doesn't vote in the primaries they are moved to Unaffiliated. That means there is a huge block of voters in Ohio in that category (almost half). While that would also include some Republicans, there would also be many Democratic votes there (if not the bulk).

So is that the lie Rove was spreading? Or, is there something to his argument?
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