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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Florida
Home country: USA
Current location: McKinney, TX
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 26,640

About Me

Small business owner, former professor and university administrator... former expat (lived in UAE for 10 years).

Journal Archives

What Covid did to me: 1. Lung damage and have to take supplemental O2

2. I have to take BP meds daily to keep my heart rate in a safe range.

3. Lost some control of body temperature. I regularly and randomly drop to 95.x

4. I developed hidradenitis suppurativa under both my armpits. Yuck, and ugg.

5. Just found out today I may have develop diabetes due to Covid, or the steroids needed to save my life.

6. Crushing fatigue every day.

7. Covid brain fog/dementia

It is hard for me to even see a way forward to work. I may very well be facing permanent disability.

2012 level defeat for GOP- Keep Saying IT, Trump Will Hate IT!

The map is really close to 2012.. just swap Ohio and GA. and IA and AZ.

Trump will REALLY, REALLY hate being compared to Romney!

Hard to account for USPS and hacking that leaves little to no trace

I am pretty certain the RGV was hacked in Texas and no one will ever investigate because of where it happened and the level of pandemic there

ES&S with those hackable modems were also used in Miami-Dade

This is the correct answer... older people are absolutely terrified/terrorized by what's going on...

I am a native Floridian (my parents still live there) and I saw this first hand when I visited just before this latest spike.

I will even go out on a limb and say Florida is already lost to Trump by 2-5%.

Book mark the prediction.

US Economy Contracts 37% in 2nd Quarter per IMF

This is equal to all of 1929-33 in a single quarter.

And people on DU were poopooing me yesterday when I said this election's closest equivalent is 1932


Corrected myself: this # gets us all the way to 1933

"CDC Guidelines shouldn't get in the way of schools opening..." -Pence

Yep, that's what he just said in the taskforce presser...

We also had this from Trump earlier today:


Sen. Tom Cotton calling for War Crimes now ( no quarter)


Texas is hiding negative test numbers (hiding data)

Yet another state has begun hiding crucial data for the re-opening process:
DSHS recently informed county health departments that NEDSS will no longer share negative test results, so that county health departments can focus on managing positive cases. As a result, the quantity of negative test results will decrease substantially.


I don't know if this has been widely reported yet... Just a nugget picked from the local paper daily Covid-19 report.

We need a commitment from Biden to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump and his Admin

The total disregard for the rule of law needs to be addressed and their needs to be a thorough investigation of the criminal activities known and unknown at this point.

Ordinarily, I would say this is a bad idea, but these are extraordinary times.

5 Children Test Positive in Putnam County, FL on one day


A 6-year-old boy from East Palatka was among nine new cases of COVID-19 reported Sunday in Putnam County, the state Department of Health said...The nine new cases reported Sunday included three 10-year-old girls from East Palatka and an 8-year-old girl from East Palatka, according to the Department of Health. The cases were not travel related, the agency said...

This is where I grew up... When I think of that moron deSantis, I have no words.
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