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unblock's Journal
unblock's Journal
February 16, 2017

let's all give a big, rousing FUCK YOU to the media!!

during the campaign, you relentlessly presented donnie as someone we all couldn't wait to hear from. whatever he was, he certainly was exciting. so exciting, it was preferred to gaze upon an empty stage awaiting the next shock jock comment from donnie rather than cover actual news, even happening at the exact same moment.

somehow you missed the story of the century, that donnie was neck deep in ties to russia.

somehow you missed the story of the century, that donnie has absolutely zero experience managing a complex bureaucracy like the federal government. you dismissed this by saying how big the "trump organization" is, as if running a corporation in a dictatorial model could translate into anything other than running a country in a dictatorial model.

somehow you missed the story of the century, that donnie has zero political skills, and that this could lead to tremendous problems in actual governance.

somehow you missed the story of the century, and were caught completely off-guard by the incredible debacle that the donnie misadministration has been in less than a month. could you see none of the clues?

somehow you failed in your duty to inform the voting population of the *news* they needed to know in november, that donnie would be a *colossal disaster of epic proportions*, and instead focused on how provocative he was, and how hillary should somehow be in prison for a highly technical decision that was perfectly legal and nothing about it could be prosecuted.

so, for that, media, we give you a big, rousing

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

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