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Member since: 2001
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Heartless Meghan McCain Lies About Medicare-For-All And Canada On The View (Rational National)

He lets her have it. Deservedly.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Sun Aug 5, 2018, 09:22 AM (12 replies)

Doug Ford Supporter Devastated By Basic Income Cancellation (Rational National)

Posted by ProfessorPlum | Sat Aug 4, 2018, 12:48 PM (4 replies)

When people are snarling and threatening people who want to provide them heathcare

and education . . .

you know the propaganda has worked.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Fri Aug 3, 2018, 04:09 PM (0 replies)

How Crime creates Never Ending Dictatorships

When the leader of a country commits crimes while in office, it is an act of aggression against their own country. Why? Because they won't be prosecuted while they are still in power, so they can never step down. They can't end their rule because then they might be prosecuted. Therefore, committing crimes while in power is a terrible thing to do to a country, because you are effectively saddling them with a criminal dictator who won't leave without a coup (or death).

That's why (among other considerations) we try to not to elect people who are likely to be criminals to the presidency. We don't want them to end our tradition of peaceful transfer of power because they've created a situation they cannot leave.

And so it is with Trump. He has committed crimes while President. He could easily be prosecuted if he leaves the presidency. While he is president? Not so much, especially with his accomplices in congress.

Further, it was an act of utter hate for our country to run for president with a trail of past (mostly undiscovered and unprosecuted) crimes. You are setting the country up to have a criminal president, where whether they are indicted/prosecuted/impeached/removed from the office or not, it tears the country apart having to deal with it.

So now, we have to tear the country apart. Because Trump so hated America that he ran for president knowing full well that he was a criminal, surrounded by criminals, and that criminal administrations (especially those that double down instead of resigning), are extremely difficult to be rid of.

Trump can't gamble on losing the 2020 election. He _cannot_ leave office, or he will spend the rest of his shitty life in jail. For that matter, he cannot gamble on losing 2024. He _must_ stay in office, or he will be prosecuted. Thinking about what he might do under those circumstances is a frightening prospect.

Posted by ProfessorPlum | Fri Aug 3, 2018, 08:48 AM (0 replies)
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