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it's not like he's going to do anything except lie, anyway
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Fri Jan 25, 2019, 03:20 PM (0 replies)

Putin and the Weaknesses of the West

KGB Grandmaster Putin surveyed the landscape and his political rivals for geopolitical power. His gaze came to rest on Russia's old rival, the United Kingdom.

An old democracy with a still semi-functioning safety net and a cushy sinecure within the EU, the UK was fairly secure and prospering.
He contemplated their weaknesses and came up with: xenophobia, an old feeling that the UK was not part of "Europe", and racism.

Pressing his dirty thumb on that weakness, and releasing his various Russian and Balkan online trolls and trouble-makers, he helped to engineer Brexit. The UK is now on the brink of an enormous economic disaster of its own making, because a hard core minority of its people believe that Brexit will begin manufacturing unicorns for them, just as soon as they kick out the foreigners.

His eye then fell upon the USA. And he perceived racism, xenophobia, and the electoral college as our greatest weaknesses.

Pressing his dirty thumb on those weaknesses, he elevated a stupid but fascistic imbecile who was completely in his pocket to take over the most racist group in the US, the GOP. And then he and his Russian and Balkan online monkeys began working on the demographics of the electoral college. The USA is now on the brink of an enormous economic disaster of its own making, because a hard core minority of its people believe that "the wall" will begin manufacturing unicorns for them, just as soon as we kick out the foreigners.

I am embarrassed that the USA and the UK have been so comparatively easy to (nearly) topple. With nary a shot fired. But I have to say that Putin perceived our weaknesses quite perceptively.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Thu Jan 24, 2019, 12:38 PM (8 replies)

One of Pelosi's greatest moves is NOT to allow the GOP to sully Democrats with their bad ideas

When Dumbya won a second term in 2004, he came back to office saying he had a mandate to privatize Social Security. The GOP offered a shitty plan for privatizing Social Security, then waited for the Democrats to offer their own plan for privatizing Social Security.

Pelosi refused to play. By _never_ offering a Democratic version of privatizing Social Security, she kept the program safe - because she was forcing the GOP to take all of the blame for this shitty idea, and they were too chicken to pass it by themselves.

It is that knowing when NOT to provide cover for a terrible idea that also seems to be guiding her in this situation.

Trump wants to shut down the government, so he picks some stupid hill to die on. Wall funding.

He says "just give me a small down payment on the wall". And waits for the Democrats to say, ok, we'll fund your wall, but here is what else we want.

And Pelosi refuses to play. Her position is that she very much will not allow the Democratic party to be associated with this asinine idea. Let the GOP propose its own "plan" for the wall, we want nothing to do with it.

it's fantastic to watch.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Thu Jan 24, 2019, 10:52 AM (3 replies)

This is the shock doctrine and disaster capitalism

They are creating the disaster so that everything can be privatised.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Wed Jan 23, 2019, 04:09 AM (17 replies)

"it's almost disappointing how incredibly popular AOC is ...

Because everything she's saying is what all of us should already be saying"

Posted by ProfessorPlum | Tue Jan 22, 2019, 10:28 PM (2 replies)

Why AOC is AOK

Ask yourself: why does AOC excite people? It isn't a personality cult. She is exciting because she (and other members of the progressive caucus and Justice Democrats) give(s) people hope that their government might do (even) more things that make their lives better.

That really is the point of government: WE are the government. It is ours, and a tool to make our lives better. It has been hijacked, steadily over 40 years of bad supreme court decisions, by the wealthiest among us to serve only THEIR goals and line THEIR pockets and siphon more and more wealth from the rest of us, make our lives more miserable, and change the rules so that we have less and less say over what government does. Those changes happen much more quickly with the completely corrupt Republicans, and more slowly under Democrats, because of the changes the elites have made to our system.

By being unapologetic about the government's role in making our lives better - it's REAL role - Justice Democrats can ask themselves, without any conflict of interest, "I know what the corporations want - but what do the actual people who do most of the living and dying and working here want?"

It's a sliver of hope. And the fact that she is smart, and sharp, and excellent at MESSAGING means that more and more people will wake up from the fog that started with Reagan and begin taking back the government as a means to make our lives better.

She's quite a competent carrier for the message. But it's the MESSAGE itself that excites me.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Tue Jan 22, 2019, 02:45 PM (24 replies)

OMG this is perfect - The Onion nails the AOC phenomenon


WASHINGTON—Strutting into the Capitol like she had some kind of electoral mandate, presumptuous congressional freshman Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL) thought Thursday that she could just come in and start representing her constituents. “I’m sorry, big shot, but that’s just not the way things work around here,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, explaining that the Florida representative needed to spend at least her first three terms memorizing obscure parliamentary procedures, sucking up to party leaders, and groveling to corporate donors before she could even consider drafting a law benefiting her home district. “She can’t just waltz in here with a list of demands from her constituents and do something about it. Christ, the fucking gall, thinking she can just represent the beliefs and desires of the people who elected her. She’s out there holding town halls and tweeting about healthcare—who the hell does she think she is? Here’s some advice, Debbie: Wait until you’re a cynical, shallow husk of yourself, and only then will you be ready to properly govern. Otherwise, you keep your head down, you vote for what we put in front of you, and you fundraise.” Hoyer, who grew visibly agitated, recommended that the novice lawmaker quit rabble-rousing and get back to him when she’s 75 and a millionaire.

The 9ui11ani Confession Train continues Today: Trump did talk to Cohen about testimony

With lawyers like these, who needs enemas?

Are we sure that Rudy Colludy isn't part of the deep state taking Trump down?
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Sun Jan 20, 2019, 04:10 PM (0 replies)

The Green New Deal: How We Will Pay for It Isn't 'a Thing' - Forbes


Great article on inflation, paying for things, employment, the fed, credit-money, and "how will we pay for" things we actually need.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s announcement of an ambitious new Green New Deal Initiative in Congress has brought predictable – and predictably silly – callouts from conservative pundits and scared politicians. ‘How will we pay for it?,’ they ask with pretend-incredulity, and ‘what about debt?’ ‘Won’t we have to raise taxes, and will that not crowd-out the job creators?’

Representative Ocasio-Cortez already has given the best answer possible to such queries, most of which seem to be raised in bad faith. Why is it, she retorts, that these questions arise only in connection with useful ideas, not wasteful ideas? Where were the ‘pay-fors’ for Bush’s $5 trillion wars and tax cuts, or for last year’s $2 trillion tax giveaway to billionaires? Why wasn’t financing those massive throwaways as scary as financing the rescue of our planet and middle class now seems to be to these naysayers?

The short answer to ‘how we will pay for’ the Green New Deal is easy. We’ll pay for it just as we pay for all else: Congress will authorize necessary spending, and Treasury will spend. This is how we do it – always has been, always will be.

The money that’s spent, for its part, is never ‘raised’ first. To the contrary, federal spending is what brings that money into existence.
Posted by ProfessorPlum | Thu Jan 17, 2019, 09:48 AM (2 replies)
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