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Gender: Female
Hometown: Army Brat
Home country: USA
Current location: Texas
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 1,696

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Yes, I have thought of the ramifications.....

of voting 3rd party over Clinton if Bernie is not our nominee.

NOTE to jury: I'm honestly answering the questions....if you feel my answer needs to be hidden, make sure to hide the OP as well.

In no particular order:

1) We've had 30+ years of democrats caving, conceding, and rarely fighting for liberal values and they are now reaping the results of ignoring the core principles/morals of MOST democrats and moving rightward and co-opting republican stances. I've been yelling about this issue for over 20 years

2) The PTB in the democratic party knew 8+ years ago (with OWS and the election of Obama) that liberal voices were getting stronger and louder and they had a chance to engage, listen, and vote appropriately --- they refused/ignored it --- and this is the result. I have seen them support the more conservative democratic candidates over the more liberal way too often.

3) Sometimes you have to let the forest burn to make room for new growth. And if the country needs to get "worse" under a Trump/republicans to wake the lazy asses up and get involved in their future, then so be it. Why should MY VOTE cover their sorry ass???

4) Those of us who REFUSE to do the insanity thing of continuing to vote for the lesser of 2 evils are not the reason the republicans may win the WH in 2016, the DNC and their corporate masters are the reason for ignoring the liberal voices for the past 30 years.

5) Want democrats to vote, make sure there is someone there to vote for. Stop taking my money and giving help ONLY to candidates YOU deem viable (also think of DWS and her support of republicans over democrats).

6) Saw a great analogy today: we are heading towards a cliff and there are 3 choices: 1) stop before going over the edge (Bernie) ; go over the edge at 50mph (Hillary) ; go over the edge at 65mph (republicans). With options 2 and 3 your chances of survival is slim, only with option 1 do you have a decent chance of surviving...this is where I feel we are today.

7) After awhile incrementalism and/or the status quo doesn't work and is no longer a viable option...like now. Now is the time for radical change and putting people before profits and corporations.

Yeah, some of the above seems contradictory, but depending on how I'm feeling, all or parts of the above is why I'm not interested in voting for the status quo candidates.

BTW, Not all people are qualified for all careers...I don't have the tact or patience to put up with stupidity, which is why I have not run for office.

Hope this answer helps you understand!

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