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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 43,351

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Undetectable does NOT equal asymptomatic

and it certainly doesn't equal cured.

It's just how some viruses work, and it depends on what kind of immune system you have. In most people, the HPV virus dies out; in some men over 40, it turns into cancer. Anyone who has had chicken pox is capable of getting shingles, but only one percent of Americans over 60 do (a vaccination at age 50 is highly recommended). And how soon we forget the Ebola virus.

What matters here is that you can pass on HIV even if you're not showing symptoms yourself -- and that is NOT front page news. The reason why it spread so quickly forty years ago is that nobody knew they were passing it on. Once it was figured out, the gay community was able to go about putting on the brakes.

In the absence of a cure, there is no such thing as HIV free. The only thing I'm confused about is whether Charlie is acting out of inexcusable ignorance or his trademark arrogance.


That's what was said about Hillary's Tuzla story.


And that business about Bobby Kennedy's assassination.

And it's not her first 9/11 gaffe.

And lest I appear to be partisan, I was also offended when Chris Christie did it:

Absolutely con-fabulous, sweetie darling!


And they're complaining?

IMBD: ...(A)t (her sister) Anna's urging, Elsa...stomps her foot, covering the entire floor with ice. They create a snowman...who likes warm hugs. The girls play gleefully...until...(a) blast of (Elsa's) power...hits Anna in the head, knocking her out...Their parents...load both girls onto their horses and ride at full speed...(to)...Grand Pabbie, the leader of the trolls...

Grand Pabbie...advises the family that it might be best if Elsa doesn't use her powers around Anna...(He) alters Anna's memories...(and) warns Elsa that her powers will grow, and although they are beautiful, they will be a great risk to her if she cannot learn to control them...Her father cautions her to wear gloves to keep her icy magic in check, and to conceal her feelings, because strong emotions seem to cause her powers to manifest in unexpected ways.

(Thirteen years later)...Elsa (is) nervous during (her) coronation ceremony...The bishop has to remind her to remove her gloves before she takes up her golden orb and scepter...(T)he...orb starts to frost...(She) puts her gloves back on...Unable to contain her emotions, Elsa...caus(es) a barrier of sharp icicles to suddenly appear around her...Elsa flees with Anna in hot pursuit.

...Elsa has found her way to a high precipice...many miles from civilization. It is here she realizes that far away from what she was taught, being on her own, she can begin to control her powers (Let it Go). She constructs an elaborate ice palace, changes her confining wardrobe into a shimmering dress, and vows to stay in seclusion, where she feels she can be herself and harm no one else.

Say what? The American Taliban and the Illumi-Nutties should be praising this song -- it celebrates the "dangers" of realizing your potential if you're female. If Elsa has to exile herself in order to avoid causing any further physical or emotional harm, what has she REALLY accomplished? What Elsa ends up learning (from her heterosexual sister and her three male compatriots) is that what she thinks is indpendence and self-determination is just another form of subjugation -- straight out of the Religious Misogynist's playbook!

Warning: This video also contains a striptease and flash of lower leg:


Vancouver Concert Relocated Due to Crooked Tour Promoter

Take your seats, boys and girls -- time for a crash course in Concert Promoting 101!

Wikipedia: Tour promoters (also known as concert promoters or talent buyers) are the individuals or companies responsible for organizing a...special event performance...The promoter and (the performer's) agent...negotiate (a) live performance contract...

(T)he promoter must have upfront cash or sponsorship financing to...assume all the financial risk in putting on a show, so compensation also depends on how successful the promoter is at negotiating with vendors and creating sold-out shows...

Got it? Then, let's take a pop quiz: What's wrong with this picture?

Billboard: A Jon Bon Jovi & The Kings of Suburbia show scheduled for (Stanley Park)...(in) Vancouver, British Columbia, has been canceled. A spokesperson from Bon Jovi Tours Inc. has issued a statement:

The band was ready and willing to give a great performance...Unfortunately...(w)e have recently learned that (concert promoter) Paper Rain Performances has failed to (either) procure staging materials (or) pay the band, staging, security, lighting vendors, etc. As such, they have not met their contractual obligations....

(A) statement sent to Billboard (from) the promoter...reads:

We have worked tirelessly with the band’s management and have experienced extraordinary support from the City, the Parks Board and all of our other partners...We requested a postponement of the concert as we needed more time to sell it out. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the artist’s management could not agree on a postponement.

But why should Jon Bon Jovi want to postpone, especially since Paper Rain was paying him?

Canada.com: “(Bon Jovi) was supposed to be paid $900,000 US,” said (Paper Rain CEO Dennis) MacDonald. “He was paid 50 per cent of that up front, and he was paid a second third of that, and the final third was to be paid yesterday. (But) ticket sales simply didn’t do what they were supposed to do."

...(T)here were rumours flying...that Paper Rain had used money from ticket sales to pay Bon Jovi’s advance. "Untrue...The money that was paid to Bon Jovi up front came from our investors, who put up the money up front.”

One half plus one third plus one third...no wonder they were having a problem. But if Paper Rain didn't have enough upfront money to pay the performer AND the concert expenses, how did they qualify to be hired by Stanley Park? The ticket sales revenue, regardless of its size, isn't relevant -- and for what should be an obvious reason: that money would have to be refunded in the event of a cancellation. Therefore, it would be suicidal (if not illegal) to spend it beforehand, right?

Normally, money from ticket sales is held in a trust account...(But) MacDonald did allow that Paper Rain had been advanced some money by Tickets Tonight, a branch of Tourism Vancouver that was selling tickets to the Stanley Park show. “The way they work is that they advance what’s in the box office on a weekly basis,” said MacDonald. "(But) there’s still money that they’re holding." Asked when ticket holders will get refunds, MacDonald said, “we’re just working on that right now...with our insurance company...”

From a subsequent Purple Rain press release:

For the past several weeks, Paper Rain has been advocating tirelessly for a postponement in the Stanley Park Concert by Jon Bon Jovi and the Kings of Suburbia because of a lack of ticket sales. The reality is that not enough tickets were sold to cover the cost of the artist and band’s fee, much less the other substantial costs involved...

The creative design was complete. The massive stage was in the city; the production team was busy at work; the light design had been finalized, the traffic management plan, safety plan and security plans were all in place; porta-potties had been secured and catering negotiated.

Designed, finalized, managed, negotiated, secured, completed -- BUT NOT PAID FOR, and not as of a WEEK before the concert? If ALL of Paper Rain's contractors and suppliers are so wealthy that they can prep for free, THEY should have been the upfront investors!

We had urged the artist’s management to grant us a postponement in order to protect the ticket buyers, the City, the Park Board, and our suppliers...We regret...that effective immediately, as a result of the above, Paper Rain Performances is insolvent.

Congratulations on incriminating yourselves: The only thing Paper Rain was trying to protect was their filthy little Ponzi scheme. I suggest that they do less work with their insurance company and more with their lawyers: since this involved the duping of a government agency, an investigation should be on the way!


P.S. Seeing the writing on the wall (though they should have seen it a month sooner), the Bon Jovi camp moved the concert to Rogers Arena. However, no additional tickets will be sold.

Roger Stone!!! Damn, but he pops up in the weirdest places!

VillageVoice.com: ...Some of Stone's sordid history:

- exposed in the Watergate scandal for infiltrating the McGovern campaign

- registered as the agent for Ferdinand Marcos and a Bahamian prime minister alleged to be involved in the drug trade

- partnered with Lee Atwater, who conceived the Willie Horton race-baiting commercials for the Bush 1988 presidential campaign.

Stone has been a player in virtually every major GOP scandal, from aiding the contras to the mob shutdown of the Miami/Dade County canvassing board during the 2000 recount...

Roger Stone, an adviser to Carl Paladino, marched in the gay pride parade that the New York gubernatorial candidate has called a “a terrible thing.”

His towel frontal pic here is from his Swinger advertisement during the Bob DOLE "Family Values" campaign, in which Rog asked for dudes to join him and Nikki in hot pursuits.

Roger Stone, the longtime Republican dirty-tricks operative...is financing, staffing, and orchestrating the presidential campaign of Reverend Al Sharpton...(They) are, in a sense, brothers under the skin, outlandish personalities too large to be bound by the constraints that govern the rest of us.

The hot rumor in New York political circles has Roger Stone, the longtime GOP activist, as the source for Dan Rather's dubious Texas Air National Guard "memos." Anyone ever heard of him?

On edit:
The two clashed after Stone – known universally in political circles as a Nixon-era “dirty trickster” – helped bring down Trump friend and New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer in a prostitution scandal. But soon Stone and Trump were back and working together.

VillageVoice.com: Stone (has)...never been involved in a Democratic campaign, vowing publicly: "You can't work both sides of the street."

Well, morally speaking, that gives Stone a big leg up on Trump -- if you'll pardon the expression...


6. His campaign launch speech drew mixed reviews

a mix of getting caught in lies...

NJ.com: Christie said...that he has not raised taxes on New Jerseysans. That's not to say that taxpayers aren't paying more under his administration...(I)n 2010 Christie cut a tax credit on the working poor from 25 percent of the federal credit to 20 percent, a loss of about $117 for the average recipient...Christie's budget proposal for the current fiscal year included nearly two dozen taxes and fees...

ProPublica: When Christie signed his sixth budget on Friday, he reiterated his claim that his contributions to the state’s pensions have far outpaced those of his predecessors. As we pointed out in April, that’s only true if you exclude a $2.75 billion pension contribution by former Republican Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. Christie doesn’t count Whitman’s payment because it was made with borrowed money...

US News.com:
CHRISTIE: "We rolled up our sleeves and we went to work and we balanced six budgets in a row."

THE FACTS: He had no choice. The New Jersey constitution requires balanced budgets, as many states do, and they are achieved one way or the other, often with some accounting tricks.

...and psychoanalysis with a very poor prognosis

New York Times: It’s fundamentally nonsense. There are lines between brash and belligerent, between open and obnoxious, and, most important, between “telling it like it is” and not telling the truth. Mr. Christie crosses those lines all the time...

NJ. com: He has a silver tongue. But if you look closely, you can see that it is forked like a serpent's...(M)y warning to America: When Christie picks up the microphone, he speaks so clearly and forcefully that you assume genuine conviction is behind it.

GQ.com: "As far as what his temperament would be like if he were president, well, if Putin said something he didn’t like, he’d hang up and say, ’Give me the black box.’ And there goes Russia. Simple as that."

NorthJersey.com: He is not a man of subtlety and nuance. He is a fist-bumper, a forceful, loud, physical presence that fills a room in a way that is hard to ignore. His fuel is adrenaline, not reflection...His critics call him a bully. His supporters call him decisive. And now, if he becomes president, Chris Christie says he has the stuff that will unite a fractured nation. Really?

7. He and a rival candidate were guests of the Republican who lost the previous U.S. presidential election

CNN: What does one do at a presidential candidate slumber party? We'll likely never know exactly what happened at Mitt Romney's lakeside summer home in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, where Chris Christie and Marco Rubio spent the night...

"What matters most to me is that he's a resource for me," said the New Jersey governor, who was an early backer of Romney's 2012 candidacy.

Romney...(said) he didn't give either candidates any advice on running. "These guys will make their own mistakes, Romney said. "Hopefully, they won't follow mine."

I'll try to put this as tactfully as possible, Governor Soprano: You have NO BUSINESS WHATSOEVER being within NINETY-NINE MILES of EITHER of those men!!! Not Rubio, because he, too, is a presidential candidate and should not be privy to your campaign confidences (did you offer him a vice presidential slot?); and not Romney, because his presidential campaign featured such brilliant tactics as not showing his tax returns and suggesting that how he ran his businesses should not be a campaign issue. Political mentoring from Mitt Romney is like marriage counseling from king Henry The Eighth!

8. He spent Independence Day Leading A Parade In New Hampshire instead of in New Jersey (DailyKos):


So ends the inaugural week of Christie's presidential run -- which should be the closest to a presidential inauguration that he'll ever get. But there is a bright side: he has nowhere to go BUT up...


Eisner is shocked -- SHOCKED!!! -- that less-than-beautiful women tend to be funnier?

The funniest women I grew up with rooted their humor (and success) in exploting either their inadequacies (Goldie Hawn, Joan Rivers, Marlo Thomas, Mary Tyler Moore, Katey "Peg Bundy" Sagal, Juila Louis-Dreyfuss), their lack of desirability by men (Totie Fields, Phyllis Diller, Minnie Pearl, Moms Mabley, Patricia "Hyacinth Bucket" Routledge, Roseanne), or both (Mo'Nique, Lucille Ball, Jennifer "Edina Monsoon" Saunders, Fran "The Nanny" Drescher). The only woman I can think of to put into Eisner's "highly beautiful, highly funny" category is Barbra "I Dream of Jeannie" Eden.

Just as Goldie says, she didn't start out in life as being beautiful -- she learned to "cure" her "ugliness" by getting others to join her in laughing at her. And I remember reading that when Gilda Radner was asked if she would rather be funny or glamorous, she replied, "Glamorous is too hard."

To answer your question, it does matter, because Eisner doesn't seem to realize that his "problem" finding beautiful, funny women is caused by what Dr. Bell Hooks calls capitalist patriarchy -- a fancy way of saying that Eisner does not fret about highly attractive, highly funny MEN being in equally short supply. From Fran Leibowitz:

"The cultural values (of humor) are male: For a woman to say a man is funny is the equivalent of a man saying that a woman is pretty. Also, humor is largely aggressive and pre-emptive, and what's more male than that?"

Beautiful women don't HAVE to invest in being funny -- or smart, or brave, or competent, or good leaders, or talented, or even particularly sexy: why knock yourself out if your beauty can win you male approval (and access to their wealth and power) just as easily?


4. He's lost control of his campaign slogan's Twitter hashtag


- I will tell it like it is, you're an angry fat man who needs anger management courses

- Christie sold out the people of NJ to Exxon. He couldn't care less about us...or you.

- Of course he's lying;His lips are moving.

- Chris Christie has a 31% approval rating, and is the most unpopular governor in the nation!

- "I have a bad economic record."

- Remember when @GovChristie helped hundreds of thousands w/o power instead of running for office? Neither does S. Jersey

- You're a crook, a scam, and an embarrassment to my state. Did you have to check w/Norcross before you ran?

5. He's Been Endorsed By A Governor Who is (Also?) Looking At Corruption Charges

NorthJersey.com: Governor Christie received his first major endorsement...(from Governor) Paul LePage, a Maine conservative with a fiery persona that rivals Christie's..." (T)he only difference I see between Chris Christie and I -- he's a little bit shy. I'm gonna work with him for the next year, bring him out of his shell.”

The Rachel Maddow Show:

Bangor Daily News: Members of the Legislature’s Government Oversight Committee voted unanimously Wednesday to start a formal investigation into whether Gov. Paul LePage illegally or unethically used taxpayer money to force Good Will-Hinckley to fire House Speaker Mark Eve...

LePage’s legal counsel argued in a letter to the committee that...th(eir) Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability...lacks any authority to investigate the governor...OPEGA Director Beth Ashcroft disagrees...the probe by her agency would involve tracking the flow of taxpayer dollars to a nonprofit organization. “We are not going to be drawing any conclusions about whether the governor exercised his authority appropriately or not...That would be for others to decide.”

NorthJersey.com: A spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee said...“The first major endorsement Governor Christie receives after announcing he’s running for president is from a governor who is facing impeachment threats for his role in exacting retribution upon a political adversary...Can't say we're surprised.”

At least LePage had enough class to ADMIT that he threatened to withhold federal funding to a charter school if they hired a Democratic rival...maybe he really CAN teach Christie a few things about personal accountability...


George Balanchine said a ballet dancer's skin should be the color of a peeled apple

Well, you know what happens to the color of peeled apples after a while...Balanchine via The Dance Theater of Harlem, which has been doing classical ballet since 1969.

Congrats, Misty -- but would this be happening if your skin was the color of roast coffee?


And let the Crew Christie Presidental Campaign screwups begin!

1. His campaign launch draws as many supporters as protestors:

North Jersey.com: Governor Christie launched his long-awaited presidential campaign Tuesday...(before) a crowd of about 1,000 inside Livingston High School, his alma mater...

North Jersey.com: More than a thousand demonstrators - mostly dressed in red and carrying banners and signs - congregated on the front lawn outside Livingston High School Tuesday morning to protest Governor Christie announcing his presidential bid...

2. He uses campaign music by someone who's supporting a candidate from the opposing party:

Asbury Park Press: Christie, who announced his candidacy for president at Livingston High School on Tuesday, June 30, walked to the school's podium to We Weren't Born to Follow. After the announcement, the rocker's Have A Nice Day and Who Says You Can't Go Home were played as exit music...

Asbury Park Press: Hillary Clinton attended a fundraiser hosted by Jon Bon Jovi at the Molly Pitcher Inn (June 30)...which donors...attend(ed) for campaign donations...Attendees tweeted from the event, including photos of Clinton speaking and Bon Jovi playing guitar...

3. He Gets a "Not From The Onion" award from the New York Times:

With two pillars of his presidential run — his record and his judgment — looking wobblier than ever, Mr. Christie must build a campaign around his most raw and prodigious asset: his personality...

But shouldn't that be "his personality DEFECTS"? Anyway, we're off the the races!

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