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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
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DING DING DING! Warren DeMontague, you're our grand prize winner!

But moral panic

and anti-sex prudishness

ARE issues in our society.

To me, pearl-clutching should have nothing do with gender, sexual orientation, or even wearing pearls -- it should be about outrage that is either fabricated (like Newt's) or misplaced (like Hyacinth's), then blown out of proportion.

Just last night, Gingrich clutched his pearls over Obama's apology for U.S.-led troops "accidentally" burning Korans in a prison. But was he REALLY outraged, or just grabbing an opportunity to bash Obama and advance his ambitions? Put another way, can you imagine Gingrich praising Obama for NOT apologizing? No, he'd probably point to it as proof that he has no control as commander-in-chief. Glenn Beck and and Sarah are fabricating pearl clutchers, too.

As for Hyacinth Bucket, she once told her husband that all she wants is to ensure that his life "flows in a placid stream." As long as she's controlling that stream, of course -- so much so that HER pearl clutching was turbo-charged. A cracked teacup, a newsboy scratching his ear, someone brushing against her walls or talking loudly in the street, her sister's mini-skirts, her brother-in-law's right to bare arms: the tiniest deviation of her world order had her grasping at her throat, then blindly counterattacking. We laughed at Hyacinth hardest when she found herself stranded in the debris of her laid-to-waste planning.

That's why I'm comfortable with the term "pearl clutching": it's not just for prudes anymore.


DING DING DING! Public Policy Polling's Tom Jensen, you're our grand prize winner!

“Republican voters aren’t ready to run through a wall for any of these candidates, in contrast to the way Democrats felt about Clinton and Obama in 2008...”

Yes, I remember it well -- here at DU, the "Obamatrons" and the "Hillbots" went at each other like rams during the rutting season.

[div style="text-align:center"]

It was painful -- so painful that I feared DU would see its first unsuccessful donation drives. But I would gladly re-live every second of it, because I realize now that we had candidates who were WORTH fighting over. And since no one was pre-selected and force-fed upon us, the landslide majority of the "Hillbots" were able to get behind "Obamatrons" when the smoke cleared.

As for the tsunami of anti-Obama sentiment that the GOP is reduced to counting on, it might happen, but I don't think it will be big enough. Even if the GOP voters get their wish and end up with a Chris Christie or a Tim Pawlenty, the GOP primary season has soured too many moderates and independents for them to get within even a cheatproof margin.


I was going to watch the launch at home and get to work a little late

But once I learned it was 32 degrees in Florida, I left at my usual time because I didn't think for one second that they'd attempt to launch in such weather when they'd never done it before.

I arrived at work to find people gathered around the TV in a conference room. Though the temperature had skyrocketed to a scorching 36 degrees, my exact words were "They're STILL going through with it? They're CRAZY!" Nonetheless, I was still so confident that the launch would be called off that I went to my cubicle, turned on the radio and proceeded with my work day. It was the radio that told me what had happened, and I rushed back to the conference room where I saw the "replay."

I recall that the launch had already been delayed at least once. News reports suggested that NASA was under political pressure to produce results, and no doubt Morton Thiokol wanted to protect their reputation (not to mention collect their fees). Now it turns out that frozen O-rings had been a potential danger since they got off the drawing board; that the engineers had been overruled by corporate management; that another engineer was branded a whistleblower for telling the truth; that Boisjoly couldn't bring himself to watch the launch; and that NASA juggled safety and political expediency routinely.

So it turns out that I had been right: they WERE crazy.

Roger Boisjoly's career was hijacked because he did the right thing. Postponing the launch until the weather improved would have been the right thing. Doing the right thing isn't always fun or comfortable or easy or convenient -- but it IS always right.

There's no need to hope that Roger Boisjoly will rest in peace -- he's already taken care of that. So I'll call just him a great American hero and patriot, and thank him for his service.


Throat slashed, woman reads Bible to her attacker

SHELBY, NC — Police say...Lindsay Wood and her son came home from church around 8:30 p.m. The son pulled a trash can from the front yard of their one-story white house on Royster Avenue. Wood's son told police a man he didn’t know rushed past him.

He saw the man run toward the back of the house. His mother was unlocking the rear door at the same time. Wood's son told police he heard his mother talking to the man but couldn’t understand their conversation...(T)he man pulled out a knife. He swung the blade and sliced into the right side of Wood's neck.

Wood started speaking to the man about Bible verses and church, Stafford said. (She) didn’t call 911 until 10:24 p.m., after the attacker left...

According to this followup story, Wood ended up with close to two dozen stitches. I don't know what I find more unlikely -- that for an hour, the mother was able to talk while bleeding, or that for an hour, the son did absolutely nothing.

I hope this isn't a actually a case of her being attacked by a punk kid who was tired of living the religious life, and her trying to cover it up in the name of "forgiveness."


It's called "living in the moment" -- and it's the cornerstone of the Rethug pyschosis.

(link) Combine interpersonal exploitation ("tak(ing) advantage of others to achieve (one's) own ends" ) with a sense of entitlement ("unreasonable expectations of...favorable treatment or automatic compliance" ) and arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes, and you get people who are so egotistical it doesn't occur to them to contemplate the possible consequences of their actions. Rethugs are TOTALLY INCAPABLE of this kind of thinking:

"If I take a cookie without asking, Mommy will get mad."
"If I'm not home by midnight, my folks will ground me for a decade."
"I'll have to study all night if I have any hope of passing the exam."
"If I don't hand in this report before the deadline, I'll get fired."
"If I cheat on my partner, s/he will break up with me."

Remember when Tom Delay went on trial, and he got a judge removed from the case because he was a Democratic contributor? To his total surprise, the prosecutor struck back by having the replacement judge removed for being a Republican contributor! Rethugs are so morally tunnel-visioned on achieving their ends, they don't see anything else -- such as the fact that Penn State, which is under criminal investigation due to the Jerry Sandusky case, also qualifies for their new policy!


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