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Gender: Female
Hometown: New Jersey
Home country: USA
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 43,812

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I consider four percent to be a "cheatproof" margin of victory

and I would be thrilled if President Duh Don could lose the popular vote by twice as much as he did in 2016. But that seemed like asking for the stars after having reached the moon...

Well, guess what? The stars answered anyway!


Ironically, it was when I read about Joe's transition site on Nov. 4 that I knew it was all over

Since I saw no reason to expect the election to be settled on election night, I didn't bother watching the returns. The next day, I worked without radio or internet until lunchtime, took a deep breath, and logged on for what I did expect to be as much as a week of stressful emotional roller coasting.

The first thing I read was a message of disappointment from a pro-Trump acquaintance, which ignited a spark of hope. I dared to check out an electoral map, where it took a second for it to sink in that Joe was leading 243-214. But most important, the map also showed that Joe was ahead in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada -- and winning those three states alone would give him exactly 270 electoral votes.

I then came across a story about Joe's deploying the transition page, and that's when I knew it was over -- that's when I knew that Joe knew he had those three states in the bag. He would never have posted the page if there was even a chance that it could result in nuclear-grade blowback. Ironically, it's precisely the sort of thing that Trump would do...and then blame on Biden if it backfired!


I'm "betting" on Nevada to give Biden the win

I beg to differ, Nate: there are 254 reasons for Nevada to take its sweet time about giving Biden the win -- and for saving the counting of the county that virtually guarantees him the most blue votes until last.

Biden's 253 electoral votes, plus Arizona's 11 votes and Nevada's six, gets him to 270. And the remaining reason is how pleasurable it will be to watch Trump have to suck it up even if he were to win all of the other contests!


There are now three states unaccounted for: GA, NC, and PA

Biden has 253 declared electoral votes, and with NV (6 votes) and AZ (11) in the bag, he's got the 270 he needs. Trump has only 217 declared electoral votes (including AK): winning all three of the unaccounted for states (16 plus 15 plus 20 votes respectively) would give him a grand total of 268.


This is already outdated -- the chaos is over.

Biden needs 17 electoral votes to hit 270 -- and thanks to Nevada and Arizona, he's already got them. Via either collusion or Biden's request, they're simply waiting to drop the other shoe by confirming it officially.

Why do you think Team Biden has already constructed a transition team web site? To do so without knowing his win was definite is definitely something Trump would do -- and blame on Biden!


Well, duh, LOL!!!

Trump supporters are a minority group, and always have been -- that's his deep, dark, ugly secret.

Aside from more people voting against him than for him in 2016, his rallies and media tantrums are meant to create the illusion that he is too massively loved to be defeated (in every sense of the word). But even Russian interference can't bail him out if Biden's margins of victory are too wide. There's a new silent majority, and they appear to making themselves heard.


"Court house in Louisville is being boarded up right now..."

I've been speculating the same thing: Technically, the cops didn't do anything criminal.

They were going after someone who they were TOLD was a suspect, and they had a legal right not to knock on the door. But that means that Taylor's boyfriend didn't act illegally, either -- he had a right to defend themselves from what he believed were home invaders.

The people responsible for the information and communication breakdowns that led to the cops being misinformed are the real culprits.


I would ensure that my kids saw only the older cartoons.

These will have no plot, no dialogue -- just trading gun-less violent acts? There's a moral difference between blowing someone to pieces with a gun, blowing them up with TNT, and dicing them with a blade -- even in cartoon land? Growing up watching Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam shoot at Bugs Bunny didn't turn me into a mass murderer, and here's why: those older cartoons had a moral subtext.

I never held it against Elmer Fudd that he wanted to kill Bugs -- he was simply "doing his job" as a hunter. But I also supported Bugs' right to do his job: stay alive by employing the most effective weapon he had at his disposal -- his wits. Predator versus prey; survival of the fittest; balance of nature.

Bugs Bunny versus Yosemite Sam, however, was Good versus Evil. Sam was indisputably a villain: a lawless bullying terrorist. Without his big guns and his even bigger mouth, he was a pea-brained undersized nobody totally unworthy of the respect that he so boisterously demanded. It delighted me that Bugs refused to be intimidated and would put him in his proper place -- especially when he did so by manipulating Sam's ego into outwitting himself!


Mike Pence spearheads solution for the cornoavirus crisis

(Tweet) Seeing Mike Pence without a mask at the Mayo Clinic, while every other human in the room wore one, and he was WARNED about the policy, tells you everything you need to know about WHY we have 1 million cases and over 57,000 dead.

New York Times: Mr. Pence defended his own behavior: As vice president of the United States, Im tested for the coronavirus on a regular basis, and everyone who is around me is tested for the coronavirus, he told reporters.

By George, I think he's got it!

Because he and those around him are tested regularly, Pence can walk around with full confidence that he will definitely not infect anyone else and that they probably won't infect him. Suppose that could be elevated to occurring nationally, or even globally? Test everyone in the U.S., isolate the infected, and turn the uninfected loose to retake the streets, re-open the country, and ignite herd immunity. If only that was possible without a lot of cost, effort, or invasive swab sampling!

It's started happening in New Jersey: https://yourhhrsnews.com/nj-mass-covid-test

You've done it, Pence! Mission -- and perhaps a second term -- accomplished, especially Trump needs to be, ah, "replaced" ahead of schedule!

(Pence) also wanted to look workers and researchers in the eye and say thank you, he said, although surgical masks do not cover eyes.

Well, let's take it one step at a time...

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