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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Home country: Sometimes think I live in the Confederacy
Current location: United States, but Canada is looking good
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 8,014

Journal Archives

found today on Bildungblog:

Christians have been warning about the AntiChrist for 2,000 years, but when he finally shows up, they vote for him.

Read up on John Dingell

I just spent a half hour looking at several sites and stories about him. He retired in 2015 after 59 years of service. He and another Congressman who retired at the same time were the last WW2 vets to serve in Congress.
As an 18 year old page he was in the Chamber when FDR gave his Day of Infamy speech following Pearl Harbor.
Amazing to think of the history that he saw and was a part of for almost 100 years.

Thank for for all of your service, Sir.

Quick, turn on the TV

Every station is carrying what I think is a Bizzaro World edition of The West Wing.

Seen on Trump's twitter feed:

The Republicans should build the wall out of Hillary's emails since there is obviously no way to get over them

We won the SC legislature (well, kinda)

Bad news: Rs still have roughly a 2:1 majority in the State House.

Depressing News: 2/3 of the races were not even contested, about as many Dems and Rs, which shows how completely the state is gerrymandered.

GOOD NEWS: We flipped 2 House seats and they flipped one, for a net gain for the Democrats. State Senate didn't run this year except for one special election (an R 20+ year incumbent had to resign to go to prison) and we flipped it.

side note: 2 of the 3 seats that flipped were in Congressional District 1, where Joe Cunningham won a surprising victory to take Mark Sanford's old seat where Trump had helped a horrible Tea Party woman to win the nomination in the primary. This almost certainly is a result of all the new and energized voters that came out to flip the US House seat.

Summarize this election in 3 words:

My son just challenged me with this.
His answer?


That should be enough to energize anyone, even those firmly on the fence, to get to the polls tomorrow.

What does the N in Nazi stand for?

National, as in National Socialist Workers Party.
Trump labeled himself a Nationalist earlier this week. His worst supporters knew exactly what he meant; we better also understand his meaning.

"Jobs Not Mobs"

What a winning slogan.
While the GOP sits back, Trump is now the marketing department for the party, and establishes the brand and the ideas they all have to run on.
How do you think thatís going to work out for you, assholes? Trumpís already said itís not going to be his fault if you lose.

If ya'll like Lindsey,

then you're going to love Nikki.
I have been involved in SC politics since the 70s, and was hearing two weeks ago that she would resign before the end of the year.
A lot of speculation that Lindsey will move into the AG office, and she will of course be appointed to serve out his term and then run for re-election in 2020, or possibly be on the ticket if Trump doesn't run. In any event, she is looking at positioning herself for a Presidential run in 2024.


She is dangerous because she seems so rational and pleasant. She was by far the most right-wing Governor we have ever had, and understands how to play the political game and eviscerate her opponents while smiling the whole time and saying "Well, bless his heart."

Do not underestimate her cunning or her ambition.

Thank you, Arizona !

McCainís thumbs down on ACA repeal and Flakeís end run around old man Grassely have to be two of Trumpís biggest Fuck Youís since the bastard defiled the White House.
Trump may hate Arizona more than California.
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