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LSU Football Unveils Air-Conditioned Helmets for 2023 Season


With LSU staring down games at home in Baton Rouge, one in Orlando, one in Starkville, Miss., and one in Oxford, Miss., this September, the Tigers have found a novel way to beat the heat.
LSU will wear air-conditioned helmets for all practices and games in 2023, created by a Louisiana-based company called Tigeraire. The helmets will reportedly have a five-hour life span before needing to be charged, and last up to four years, according to sports business expert Joe Pompliano.

In the arms race that is college football, other teams are bound to follow suit and adopt this potentially game-changing equipment. Until then, LSU might just have a slight edge on its foes.

Tenacious D covers "Wicked Game" 😆


June 1, 2020. *THIS* was an Impeachable offense.

Thread rerun requested via DU mail


Literally nothing is real in the cult. RW media observation.

I tune in to talk radio. It’s always been a cult like world where EVERYONE IS LYING TO YOU …except us - WE know the truth.

During the Debt Ceiling back and forth RW listeners were told/asked:
They SAY it will ruin the economy
Is it really that bad?
The supposed catastrophe (often with sarcastic laughter)…

Nothing is real. Nothing. If the “liberal media” said the sun rises in the east, talk radio would question it.

They are completely in another world.

Summertime pool music. Dickin' Around the Pool.

Hold it! There's another Ted Lasso ?!?!?

I just saw an alert on my phone. New (finale) is available now. I thought the one with his Mom was the last one.

Jan. 6ther "Bigo" Barrett gets two big NO's from the judge (delay & low security)

Infamous Jan 6 rioter's dream of a cushy prison camp dashed by judge

The man who went viral in a photo showing his feet propped up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk during the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 was denied a request to have the rest of the summer to “arrange for his affairs” before starting a four-and-a-half year prison sentence, Law&Crime reported.

The federal judge overseeing his case also denied Richard “Bigo” Barnett's request to be sent to a low-security camp to serve out his term.

“Defendant has had ample time since his conviction to prepare for his incarceration and presents no compelling reasons to justify additional delay,” U.S. District Judge Christopher R. Cooper wrote in a brief order.

“Defendant’s request for a recommendation for a (Bureau of Prisons) placement beyond 500 miles from his home in order to qualify him for a minimum-security facility is also DENIED. Determinations regarding security-level placements lie in the sound discretion of BOP based on its internal criteria. The Court generally plays no role in those determinations.”


Fox News calls Rep. Norman (R-SC) on his lame excuse

Norman: It’s like the Pelosi days. You have to pass it before you can read it. This needs --
John: He is giving you 72 hours
Norman: For this serious of a bill.. you want to have a lot more time and I think --
John: It’s only 99 pages.
Norman: What?


RALPH NORMAN: It's like the Pelosi days. You gotta pass it before you read it.

FOX: But he's giving you 72 hours to read it.

NORMAN: We ought to have a lot more time.

FOX: It's only 99 pages.


Virginia dispensaries now accept debit card payments

I can’t find a story on how this came to be but it is.
I’ve always understood that even if it’s legalized by the state it’s still illegal federally so cash only.

I was at the dispensary in Carytown last month and saw that they did. This weekend I went to the one in Short Pump and sure enough they accept debit cards as well.

Those are two different named stores but they are coordinated at least via the ordering website.

🇺🇸 Memorial Day 🕯️- around 1,000 military pass each year even in ☮️ "Peacetime"

In my 3+ years in the Cav I’m glad I never knew anyone get seriously hurt. I’m grateful.



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