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Sunday evening. We're two years in. 5 images.


Since PARENTING is being discussed a lot today...

BREAKING NEWS! White House unveils menu for Super Bowl champions visit

British hitman linked to second murder by his Garmin running watch

This Runner Is a Hitman. His GPS Watch Tied Him to a Mob Boss Murder
The health-conscious assassin was picked up for another murder, then investigators found his Garmin


A British runner, cyclist, and mob hitman has been convicted for the murders of two rival gangsters, in part, because of his GPS watch. Mark “Iceman” Fellows, 39, was found guilty by a jury at Liverpool Crown Court of killing organized crime leader Paul “Mr. Big” Massey and his associate John Kinsella, 55 and 53 at the time of their deaths. Massey and Kinsella were also career criminals, part of a gang scene near Manchester, England, with a reputation known across Europe, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Though police already suspected Fellows in Kinsella’s death, it was his Garmin Forerunner that linked him to Massey’s unsolved 2015 murder. While detectives were investigating Fellows, they came across a photo of the suspect wearing his Garmin Forerunner during 2015’s Great Manchester 10K (he ran 47:17, pictured above) two months before the murder of Massey that July. Detectives then located the device at Fellows’s home and checked its GPS data for files that could link him to Massey.

Professor Last said the wearer set out initially traveling at around 12 mph, which suggested they were on a bike. When they reached the field, the speed dropped to about 3 mph, consistent with walking, before they stopped for about 8 minutes. According to the Liverpool Echo, this is the alleged escape route that Fellows ran or perhaps rode his bike on two months later, after gunning down Massey in his own driveway.

Then three years later came the death of John Kinsella, along with surveillance video showing Fellows making a similar reconnaissance loop in his car. On May 5, 2018, he approached Kinsella on his bike, and shot him twice in the back, then twice more while Kinsella was on the ground, before pedaling away. As seriously as Fellows seemed to take his preparation, he did not appear to consider witnesses would notice a cyclist wearing both commando gear and a hi-vis safety vest while toting a gun (they did, and they told the police).

*BUZZFEED* we had a watercooler moment. Timing people.

All the consternation about whether the Buzzfeed story is 110% accurate misses the point.

I'll get straight to my point - timing is everything and this got full coverage all day long.
All day. Friday....am... before a 3 day weekend.

People tend to have the same check ins 10 am - lunch - 3 pm.
It's a blowoff Friday for many. THIS cemented in people's minds. No water needed.

The rightwing started really early in the 80's with blastfaxes - Talking points for the watercoler crowd. GET THE STORY OUT EARLY - SHAPE THE DEBATE (narrative). Roger Ailes knew this and championed it too.

A google search shows me that the Mueller comment shows that the deluding this will be lost in time. Oh it will be repeated- MSM needs two horses.
CNN 8:51
Fox News 6 Pm
Politico 26 minutes ago

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