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The impeachment hearings - what you saw was talk radio

For those of us who listen into their circular madness, what everyone saw over the last few weeks is old hat. Yes I listen in. It's like a different language let alone another reality.

What the nation saw is everyday happenings on talk radio. Fox News is the glossy, prettier version. Everything you heard was legend and lore there. Established fact. To say otherwise (to them) would be both crazy and falling for the liberal media's lies.

But here's the interesting part - this isn't mimicking, this is required. From radio hosts to their politicians, if you don't say what the listener expects to hear EVERY DAY the listener will go somewhere else. It's repetition as a hobby or habit for the audience.

Gaetz, jacket Off Jordan, Collins, etc are "Rock Stars" now. But one misstep and they can get primaried and they know it. . They HAVE to say what they say just like radio hosts or they could lose the audience.

Excuse me but *toot* *toot* I'm #3!!!

So I had my annual performance evaluation yesterday.

Short background. I was laid off last August with 7 other people due to a budget shortfall and being the low man on the totem pole. I was awarded a special hiring status that meant that if I met the minimum qualifications I get the only interview. I got a new position within the same organization in October 2018 but in a completely different department. I basically took the position created FROM my current coworker away from her. She's a temp. They are working on hiring her (with benefits).

My boss and I sat down in the same meeting room where he was forced to hire me. At my 6 month eval during a "probationary period" (because who knows who you are getting) he lead with "You know we didn't want you here" and then told me I was doing a good job.

Yesterday it went like this's: "What I'm about to say is going to guide the rest of how we go through this. In 40 something years between the Army and here I can only think of two people who were as good at their job or better than you are."

He emailed me the evaluation to edit.

So now Kamala is gone ...NOW ...she makes her move


What are the odds of these ending up together in the same package?

Honky the Christmas Goose

''Tis the season....for Memes 😆 🎅

Dog - crate - sorry it's in GD but I need some advise

We got a dog on Wednesday

Let me get right to it - 8 hours in the crate. HOW do we do this?.

Everything we've read or heard says he shouldn't spend more than 8 hours a day "cooped up".
We both work and our girl is at school. So he has to be in the crate at this point while we are gone. He's 10 feet away from me in the living room - I'm sleeping here tonight- we moved the crate/cage/"room" as our daughter calls it today. We were wrong to have it isolated.

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