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Time to celebrate DU 💥 HAPPY FESTIVUS! 🌝

Pep lays it out. Imagine managing a team with players traveling all over for games

The leagues are by country but the players come from all over. Returning home. Playing in national team games all over the globe.

Liverpool's Pep Lijnders questions 'absurd' Premier League decision to continue festive fixtures


Lijnders also urged the Premier League to listen to the medical and scientific experts on how to proceed with matches during the pandemic.

"For me, the experts are not the managers," he added. "The experts are the scientists and the doctors. We should follow their guidelines and the Premier League should ask them, not the CEOs or the managers but them.

"Health always comes above everything. The guys who are sick and driving out to the hospitals only have one thing in their mind and it's to get better so I pray for them.

"We are in this job to protect our players, staff and also the family members. That's why we have all these good measures in place and we have to follow the protocols and guidelines of the doctors and the scientists.

"If there's one common behaviour in this pandemic over the last years is that we've always acted too late and that's we went from one health crisis to another."

Magic carpet ride continues- now back in the USA!


China to Illinois to Berlin. Now Atlanta.

#MAGA .... praise Jesus ✝️❤️

Ugh. Emergency dental today but some funny for ya

So I wake up yesterday with a chipped tooth. No idea why. It broke off last night. No pain though. Not on my wifeís dental plan - long story there. Called emergency MED school but the students are off for the holiday. Contacted our regular dentist (itís been 10 years for me YIKES) and thy fit me in today. Another place called me right back but no spot was open. I appreciated the call back.

No idea whatís going to happen with the tooth.

Anyway. Some funny stuff I saw this morning.

What the hell did I just watch?

The first one is 84 seconds.


Gift is now in Berlin. Says it'll be here (Virginia) tomorrow

Itís an area rug. Started in the Guangdong province in China.

Hang on..... (toon)

"The Sunday before Christmas" should be a song. Let's write it DU.

(Has been to Dem meetings, knows how this might take a while)

Throw it in here. I know a rhythm section.

* if god is alive I could use this to get near Mariah Carey

Extra on Little House on the Prairie

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