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Report: Washington owner Dan Snyder tried to block interview with ex-employee who accused him of sex

Report: Washington owner Dan Snyder tried to block interview with ex-employee who accused him of sexual misconduct

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder tried to prevent a woman who accused him of sexual misconduct from speaking with D.C. attorney Beth Wilkinson as part of her investigation into the franchise last year, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

The Post reported that Wilkinson learned of the 2009 allegation shortly after she began her investigation. According to the Post, when Wilkinson tried to interview the former team employee, Snyder's attorneys worked to prevent that from happening.

A. Scott Bolden of the law firm Reed Smith, which represents Snyder and the team, released a statement in response to the Post's story that said, "Untrue. It did not happen. Absolutely no effort was made by me or any Reed Smith lawyers to dissuade anyone from speaking with Beth Wilkinson or otherwise cooperating with her investigation, nor was any money offered to anyone not to cooperate. Anyone suggesting something to the contrary is lying."

Added Krishnamoorthi: "Snyder will stop at nothing. To get to the bottom of this story, [the] NFL must immediately turn over all evidence of Snyder's interference and the other documents we requested over a month ago.''


DU, I need help. I don't understand.

Aaaaand Go!

Fox News - no mention of the texts. Buries story near the bottom of the page.

The story of Meadows being held in contempt is in the bottom half of the page.

Top stories in order
CNN producer accused of child sex crimes
Opinion piece on President Biden by one of the bigger morons
Suspicious Tesla Factory death
NFL vax requirements
Alec Baldwin

The article makes no mention of the Texts that Liz Cheney read from Fox News’s Hannity, Ingraham, and Kilmeade.


Bob Barker* is 98 today.

That’s Janice Pennington on the right there. Trust me, I’ve done my research on this.

* he’s probably the person most responsible for Americans knowing about “California emissions” and what that means.

An armed family pic 😁📖

Link to Twitter


The Daily Show "Pine-Eleven. Never Fir-get". The Fox News Tree Fire. 😆😆😆

“We are going to Build it Back Better”


Cookie swap tomorrow. I made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies

"Shaving must practically be an orgasm for you." - great article on Dick Cavett


The premiere episode featured actress Angela Lansbury, writer Gore Vidal and the heavyweight champion of the world in exile, Ali. When the latter two got into an argument about Vietnam, a scant five weeks after the launch of the Tet offensive, it made for cracklin’ good television. The show, though, never aired. “The line I heard from one of the suits,” Cavett recalls, “was, ‘Nobody gives a s--- what Gore Vidal and Muhammad Ali think about Vietnam.’ ”

Cavett had attended the funeral of playwright George S. Kaufman specifically to celebrity-gawk. It’s what he always did—years earlier he’d take the train from New Haven to Manhattan, a two-hour ride, just to case the bar where the mystery guests for What’s My Line? were stashed. (That’s how he met Buster Keaton.) At the service, Cavett spotted Julius H. Marx. Groucho. Trailed him outside, into the blazing sun. Finally, at the corner of 81st and 5th, he summoned the nerve to introduce himself.

Brown vs. Bored of Desegregation

“I liked to read my hate mail,” says Cavett.

A woman in Iowa once wrote: “Dear Dick Cavett, You little sawed-off, f--got Communist shrimp …”

Cavett recalls his response: “Dear Madam, I am not sawed-off.”

“I enjoyed ruffling feathers,” he says.


Holda Hold it! Is this true???


Thanks! Marie Callendar! 😆

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