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Sports and COVID-19. A brief summary so far.

I see on the ESPN scroll there is some discussion of NBA games without fans

See links below for more details.

Ohio Governor DeWine is recommending no fans (other than parents) at indoor sporting events

Several marathons cancelled

Only 100 dignitaries will be allowed to attend the lighting of the Olympic torch in Greece. No word on Tokyo Olympics yet.

NHL NBA MLB MLS close locker rooms

San Jose Sharks (NHL) May play at a neutral site due to the local ban of gatherings of more than 1,000 people

Italy - no fans at Soccer matches until April 3

Ivy League has cancelled its men's and women's basketball tournament



Full listing here


Now much time did you spend in MOPP-4?

I saw video of airport personnel in full garb.

I:think I spent 6 hours under wraps.

It was horrible


The Ted Cruz holiday - relish it. 🤭😁

Ted Cruz in self-quarantine after interacting with coronavirus patient at CPAC
The senator said he isn’t experiencing symptoms and his interaction with the individual was brief, but he is staying home out of “an abundance of caution.”


😁 Betsy DeVos Says She Was Planning to Close All Schools Anyway 😁

WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—As an increasing number of schools and universities closed down because of the coronavirus outbreak, the Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos, revealed on Monday that she had been planning for years to close every school in the country anyway.

Speaking to reporters in Washington, DeVos said, “When I took over as Education Secretary, I came with a simple mission: to shut down all of the nation’s schools. It turns out that I was just ahead of my time.”

Noting that schools are where students learn math, science, and history, DeVos said, “I have long believed that schools are where all the bad things happen.”

Deciding to “wipe out the scourge of education once and for all,” DeVos said that, within days of taking office, she drew up an ambitious plan called No School Left Open.


Fox News right now. Bernie town hall.

Not the WH Coronavirus presser.

I know. It was preplanned but still their viewers don't know the level this has reached.

Per ESPN - BUI basketball is ranked #14 in the country

FYI - it's National *PANIC* Day

Also - National Napping, Meatball, and Barbie Day


Panic Day is the one day of the year that is it ok to give into that emotion that we all try to keep in check. It is ok to feel overwhelmed or upset. It does not mean you are weak and inept if you give into the feeling once and a while. Mark your calendar and hang on tight until you get to Panic Day! Once the day starts you can take the time to just let it all out!

History of Panic Day
When it comes to holidays, you may think if the ones that are to celebrate fun moments. Panic Day is the day to recognize how stressful life has become and see what can be done to minimize the effects. Stress is dangerous to your health. Stress can bring on illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

Some people respond to stress by having feelings of panic which can be very debilitating. Panic can make a person feel that their fear cannot be overcome. While this may not seem rational, the panic takes over and makes it difficult for the once stricken to be able to make rational choices. If you feel that your fears and stress are overwhelming you, Panic Day is the day to make a step forward and reach out to a mental health professional.

Apple TV's "Mythic Quest". Pretty incredible mid-season one off episode "Dark Quiet Death"

My wife tipped me off to this show. First season. Based on the gaming world.
"Mac" and "Charlie" from Always Sunny in Philadelphia are part of the creative team. Mac play Ian Grimm in Mythic Quest. Very interesting characters. F. Murray Abraham is in the cast.
Crude language not safe for kids but very well done. They cover "women in gaming" a lot.

Midway through the first 9 episode season they did a episode totally removed from the series.
It was one of the best episodes of TV I've ever seen.

This stand-alone episode follows a couple over the course of nearly 20 years, from their chance encounter in a video game store onward.


Urgent care (Doc in a box) home visits

I just found out about this this week.

I am NOT including any service’s name to make sure no one thinks this is spamming.

Turns out one of the big hospital operations here in Richmond offers home visits. Roanoke also has them by the healthcare hospital giant out there. I looked where my folks live down (actually north) in the valley but don’t see anything available.

You may do a search for - urgent care home visit - and the zip code of anyone who could use this service.

$25-50 here in Richmond. The website has average cost depending on your coverage including Medicare coverages. One Medicare option had an average of $5.44.
No coverage? A flat amount not to exceed $275. Yes that’s a lot but I had a payment plan with this hospital for a two night stay a few years ago. Also, going to an ER without coverage can be over a $1,000 I’m told.

Something you might want to look into if you or someone you know could use it.

Look what I bought my wife for her birthday

Our birthdays are 5 days apart so it’s a dual gift.

August 1 at Wolftrap National Park for the Performing Arts. Lawn tickets

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